A Tale of Cosmic Creation...page 31 The Mighty One Creates and Androgyne Being

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Darkness is spreading through the endless vastness brought about by Dark Forces just as we see happening today when power hungry people try to eliminate all that is good. But hope springs eternal and a new Being is created to assist She in Her ongoing mission for the Mighty One.

The Light is Hidden

She fled in front of darkened skies
That stretched cross the voids of space
She felt strong winds pulling at Her
Blinding tearing at Her face

Eternal darkness hid the Light
From all who hungered for its sight
The Dark Ones had from nowhere come
Tearing out its filmy tendrils
Replacing with hot red fire
Burning up all in their path

Malignant Forces

The Fallen Angel he had come
With others of his fallen ilk
In opposition to the Mighty One
They came

Bent were they
Destroying all so clear and good
Their hollow screams echoed through and through
Malignant noises dark and sharp
Able to cut and soil
The brightness that had been before

Inner Knowing

She knew all this
Her inner voice had told Her so
Of their coming and the damage
They would do
But still She fled in front of them
Nowhere else there was to go

Her light grew dimmer
Her sight was blurred
A deep tiredness came over Her
She knew she could not go much further

And then in front of Her appeared
One so beautiful was He
Androgyne in all its many forms
Male female together they combined

Introducing Another Light Being

Sent by the Might One was He
Knowing of the peril She encountered
Such a Being He created
Evermore to be
To carry out the work of Creation
Together with the matchless She

This pure and knowing pearl of wisdom
For so long now had been alone
Now another came to join Her
One who laughed and found great joy
To do the work given by He
The Mighty One

Their Work Together

Now all Her strength returned unto Her
Like sparks of Light they flew together
All across the starry span
That reached one eternity to another
Cooling down the fires burning
Order harmony balance
Was restored


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
12th Nov 2012 (#)

Love the Winds of Change Orchestral rendition, thank you for letting me listen to this....

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author avatar Buzz
12th Nov 2012 (#)

Brilliant star page, dear!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
12th Nov 2012 (#)

thank you Buzz dear...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Nov 2012 (#)

We should not lose hope that the good will ultimately prevail. That is what creation is about, not destruction. Unless we are facing creative destruction and in that case we still have a role to play! Thanks Carolina for another beautiful take - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
12th Nov 2012 (#)

Siva I agree with your words...and as my teacher told me love everything that appears before you, that is the karma of the Beloved...thank you

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author avatar vpaulose
12th Nov 2012 (#)

Interesting. Deserving star. Thank you dear CN.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
12th Nov 2012 (#)

thank you too my dear friend...

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author avatar DuitByJames
14th Nov 2012 (#)

Very nice. Full of energy and positive resolve; focusing on resonance. Thank You

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
14th Nov 2012 (#)

thank you James..

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