A Tale of Cosmic Creation...part XV11..finding Herself in ancient Egypt

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Each soul has to journey to learn so very much through lifetimes without number. She now meets with the Anaki and learns about the Arc of the Covenant and becomes an initiate of Melchizedek. Her journey continues..

The Journey

An epic journey now begun
Through eternity would last
Obstacles many would be
Hardships too to circumvent
The journey of a votary

Many would give up and leave
Too difficult the journey was for them
But as was promised then by He
All would return ultimately

Others stayed the course

The paths She walked

Across deserts, windswept heights She trudged
Never looking back
Her focus on the LIght within
That guided Her by day and night
Naught else could She do

Many times She lost Her way
And found Her Self in strange new lands
There She experienced many things
Some good some too terrible to imagine

The arrival on Atlantis and Egypt

And thus came She to the ancient land of Egypt
And there She stopped
To marvel at the Great Pyramid
Knut the Ark of the Covenant was its form

There She did meet the Anaki, Great Beings the Mighty Ones
Arrived they did in spaceships from a solar system far away

The star Sothis was its name
With them they did bring divine consciousness
And knowledge of all the secrets of nature

She learned then that the Sons of God
Never would forsake the Earthborn sons of men

Their pledge eternal guidance
Keeping watch over the doings of the planet Earth
Their vigilance undeterred

The Power within

She knew this had been a lifetime
Learning the power that comes from within
When initiate of Melchizedek She became

Take this knowledge with Her She did
As She progressed on her eternal journey


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Jul 2012 (#)

thank you Steve for moderating and the star!!!!

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
29th Jul 2012 (#)

Ditto Siva ji. Thanks cnwriter.

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author avatar stevetheblogger
29th Jul 2012 (#)

Once again a stunning article with stunning pictures
Best Wishes

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author avatar Retired
29th Jul 2012 (#)

Ditto Siva ji too.

Stunning photos too. yes!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Jul 2012 (#)

thank you all so much...unfortunately I deleted Siva's comment whilst deleting all of Lady 's stuff!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Jul 2012 (#)

No issues, dear Carolina. Thanks for taking us on another wondrous journey. Are we not from the same source only to merge into one later to share our all? No soul will ever be foresaken but some will have more fulfilling tales to tell and share! You are indeed unique willing to share your inspirations! siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Jul 2012 (#)

thank you so much Siva...yes we are taking different paths but always to the same place and is not that wonderful! you are an inspiration too...

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author avatar Don Rothra
29th Jul 2012 (#)

You tell these tales with such professionalism that it captivates the reader. Nice work.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Jul 2012 (#)

thank you Don...I am awed at that magnitude of who we truly are beyond the shell of the physical....breathlessly incredible....

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