A Theft of Color...The Curtains of Oz

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This is a piece I wrote about the ways of today and yesterday and how things have and have not changed.

A Theft of Color...The Curtains of Oz

A Theft of Color...The Curtains of Oz

I must have been quite young
in those forgotten days when I was born.
Those old fashion days
of A.M. radio,
and black and white television,
and party line telephones
hard wired to the living room wall.

Back then, in the days of coal furnaces and smoke,
it seemed as though
everyone loved the varying shades of gray
of ‘I Love Lucy’ and George Burns
and television's Topper.

Can You Believe it

I know- -can you believe it?
I still remember
when our neighbor,
Mr. Brown
bought a brand new color television set.
It was the very first one in our neighborhood
I recall an electric pulse of anticipation
that ran through the eyes of all us neighborhood kids
when we were invited one Sunday afternoon
to watch Mr. Brown’s new color television.
I remember how excited we were
as we gathered in front of that magic screen
to watch the “Wizard of Oz”.

photo by uTAH jAY

Mrs. Brown Made Popcorn

I remember Mrs. Brown made popcorn that night
and we were all so careful
not to spill even one kernel
on her freshly vacuumed carpet.
I remember Mr. Brown
looking, like some technical genius
as he adjusted the color on his new setIs it too green or too red”?
He asked.

I Remember Most Vividly

But what I remember most vividly
was how impressed I was
when I first noticed that black was black
and white was white
I was shocked.
I suppose that somehow I expected
the colors would be vivid and bright,
but I had no concept
that black would actually be black
and white actually white

instead of the varying shades of gray
that the old medium had formed in my mind
from years of viewing my family’s set.
I think that true color and the boldness of black and white
are picture perfect examples

of life and love and the lines that connect us all.

photo by uTAH jAY


History is one of the things
that has always interested me,
as a matter of fact, while I am writing this
I’m watching some old footage of World War Two

that someone has carefully colorized.
I had seen this footage many times before
in its original form of shades of grey,
but I never saw the true color

of the red of blood on men’s hands and faces
that I once supposed as dirt
in the gray tones in which it was framed.

To Colorize

My hope one day is to colorize
these gray days through which we now live,
much as this old footage was colorized
by the craft of some artist’s airbrush,
and to pour light onto those evil hearts
who would hide truth from the people and enslave us,
empty our pockets and destroy our liberty

within their varying shades of gray
through which we live today.

Good from Evil

I hope to illuminate good from evil

in these times when men and women
would sell without regret
the freedom of their countrymen
and the future of all the world for nothing more
than a thin smile and a pat on the back
from those who seek for power

photo by uTAH jAY

I Believe

You see
I believe it is not the country pumpkins.

It’s not the Democrats or the Republicans.
It’s not the Tea-Party, or the city aristocrats

who paint with such a broad gray brush,
but the power and the illusion of those elites,
those un-elected progressives
behind the curtains in Washington.
Their grasp for power
and the cool, crisp, color of green money
that corrupts men's souls
Much like the man behind the curtains of Oz was
when we watched on that day so long ago
on Mr. Brown’s brand new color television set.
Because nothing is ever what we expected
it should be or could be
behind the political blinds
of Washington’s curtains.

photo by uTAH jAY

Words by uTAH jAY
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author avatar Shamarie
14th Apr 2015 (#)

Powerful work, Utah Jay! I love "I Remember Most Vividly", "To Colorize", "Good from Evil" and "I Believe". Your poems resonates in the lives of most Americans!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
14th Apr 2015 (#)

wonderful and yes powerful too Utah..excellent ....and my family name is Brown...ha!
thank you for this....

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author avatar Retired
14th Apr 2015 (#)

Yes, the powers that control want to colorize what, in reality, is black and/or white. Then they tell you how much better it is after adding all the color to the story.

Is the story in color better for us? No, it's better for them.

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author avatar Mariah
14th Apr 2015 (#)

Wow just love this...so well written and illustrated, keep them coming UJ

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author avatar Utah Jay
15th Apr 2015 (#)

Thank you Shamarie

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author avatar Utah Jay
15th Apr 2015 (#)

Thanks Carolina, so was it your house we came to that night so long ago...Blessings always.

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author avatar Utah Jay
15th Apr 2015 (#)

Thanks LeRain.

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author avatar Utah Jay
15th Apr 2015 (#)

Thanky you Mariah

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author avatar Carol Roach
16th Apr 2015 (#)

my heart is deep read as it bleeds right now, but my world is grey with uncertainty

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author avatar Kingwell
16th Apr 2015 (#)

Wow! Your writing is superb. Blessings.

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