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This article is a small thought about the realization that must dawn on every human some day!


Every element on the earth has a perfect balance and a sense of equilibrium that does not change its place nor swap its roles. They are entities that have never dared to be recalcitrant to the power that set them in their seamless orbits.

The sun, moon and the constellation of astral bodies have a perfect erudition of the task entrusted to them. The rivers and the oceans are aware of their precincts and have never had the nerve to flout their basic tenet. Every move in their course is perfectly aligned and watched over. The birds of the air and the flora and fauna we witness all around us have in them a unique acuity of an unseen but a perceived force. Overlooking these aspects, if we consider our lives, where do you think the breadth that keeps you and me alive come from? Science terms it oxygen from the air that is present in the atmosphere. But for a minute have you thought about the air you breathe as the breath of the one who designed your DNA?

Newton and his atheist friend were once having an argument over a solar cell that Newton refused to have made and claimed it occurred naturally or rather on its own. His friend strongly opposed his claims and insisted that a solar cell cannot just come from space. Somebody had to make it for it to be existent. It was then that Newton put forward another astounding statement that left his friend agape- ‘ A simple solar cell cannot come out of nothing but an exceptionally sophisticated machine like the body that we inhabit in has to evolve out of nothing?!’

Have we always been running away from this fact that there is a supreme authority that holds everything in nature in its perfect place?

Accept it or not every individual, a believer or an agnostic has to one fine day come to the realization that, there was a purpose in our creation and you can deem on being successful in this journey of life if you have known the purpose of your existence. Casing the truth and shunning your conscience will never usher you toward a purposeful culmination. At the end of the day we need to comprehend within us that we are mere men made of the sand of the earth and we return to the sand and we have no glory of our own. All the wealth, fame and possessions we store up on the planet are no doubt momentary but it will be futile if we haven’t enriched the soul with us that lives forever!


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Just trying to pen down some of my views ..!

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author avatar Tin
16th May 2010 (#)

"But for a minute have you thought about the air you breathe as the breath of the one who designed your DNA?" - but who designed the designer of our DNA? Did he/she/it come out of nothing too? Maybe we invent a creator/designer because we cannot face the possibility that we exist in an irrational, random and meaningless universe.

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author avatar Priji
18th May 2010 (#)

If there is a designer of our DNA, if there is a person who brought into existence the entire universe, it has to be someone with infinite knowledge and power, it has to be God, who by definition cannot be a creature, but the creator! May be we ignore/neglect this creator/designer because we cannot face the possibility that we exist in a rational, meaningful universe, where moral laws and a law giver exist and we don't to submit to HIM!

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author avatar Tin
19th May 2010 (#)

Maybe, but asserting that there must be a creator doesn't answer the question that then arises i.e. who or what created the creator?

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author avatar Servant
28th May 2010 (#)

How does God acting before time began get around the problem of God's creation? There are two possible interpretations of these verses. One is that God exists outside of time. Since we live in a universe of cause and effect, we naturally assume that this is the only way in which any kind of existence can function. However, the premise is false. Without the dimension of time, there is no cause and effect, and all things that could exist in such a realm would have no need of being caused, but would have always existed. Therefore, God has no need of being created, but, in fact, created the time dimension of our universe specifically for a reason - so that cause and effect would exist for us. However, since God created time, cause and effect would never apply to His existence.
The second interpretation is that God exists in more than one dimension of time. Things that exist in one dimension of time are restricted to time's arrow and are confined to cause and effect. However, two dimensions of time form a plane of time, which has no beginning and no end and is not restricted to any single direction. A being that exists in at least two dimension of time can travel anywhere in time and yet never had a beginning, since a plane of time has no starting point. Either interpretation leads one to the conclusion that God has no need of having been created.
God has no need to have been created, since He exists either outside time (where cause and effect do not operate) or within multiple dimensions of time (such that there is no beginning of God's plane of time). Hence God is eternal, having never been created. Although it is possible that the universe itself is eternal, eliminating the need for its creation, observational evidence contradicts this hypothesis, since the universe began to exist a finite ~13.7 billion years ago. The only possible escape for the atheist is the invention of a kind of super universe, which can never be confirmed experimentally (hence it is metaphysical in nature, and not scientific).

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author avatar Humza
26th Feb 2011 (#)

wowww darn true!!!
thnx for the great share

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author avatar Denise O
26th Feb 2011 (#)

Geesh and you state you're not a writer, I have to disagree with that statement, I tell you. Nice read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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