A Tortoise and Two Cranes: Poem for children and adults

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This poem of two cranes trying to save a tortoise is based on a story of Mr. Vishnu Sharma’s ‘Pancha Tantra’

Lonely tortoise

In a pond there was a tortoise
His name was Mr. Tot Louis
There were lots of fish and snail
So, never he felt as in a jail
He was happy, growing fat
Though no friend was there to chat

Two friends

One day there came like small planes
Two young, beautiful white cranes
They caught a few fish from the pond
But, Tot Louis did not respond
Why should? There were plenty of fish
For lunch or supper, as they wish!

Their friendship grew day by day
Through those heyday, until May
There was no rain; something new!
The pond was drying: concern grew

No use! By July the pond all dried
They three together sat and cried.

The cranes said, ‘we’ll go and search
If there is any place to reach.

As they flew away, Louis prayed
And impatiently he there stayed.
They returned the very next day,
‘There is a pool miles away
It is near a heavenly fountain
But, beyond a town and a mountain!’

No tortoise can cross that range
If they have no idea strange.

Angry Louis

The cranes were wise, they brought a cane
And told, ‘friend, we are not insane
You should bite hard this short stick
And hang in the middle, we shall pick
Both ends and fly towards the aim
Keep your mouth shut, it is no shame.’

The idea was great! They started flight
For two of them Louis was light
Farmlands, jungles all they covered
But, over the town the people laughed,
‘See, two cranes have a tortoise son!
Is the world ending? What a fun!’

They clapped loudly, howled and screamed
And Tot Louis in anger fumed.
‘Rascals!’ He shouted, and he fell
Then what happened, should I tell?

His meat a few people that day served.
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