A Touch of Fate: A Valentine's Story

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Some people do not believe in fate, but what if it really does exist? Will it find a way to make things happen as they should or is everything done on nothing more than a whim?


The glistening snow under the sunlight nearly blinded Dara as she trudged forward in the cold. She pulled her robe tighter around her body but it was too thin to do any good. She knew she would soon freeze to death. She was in the middle of nowhere; lost and alone. She couldn’t remember how she’d gotten there or why she was dressed as she was. All she knew for certain was her life hung in the balance.

The lovely blonde took one final step. Her blue eyes filled with tears. Her skin grew white. At last, she gasped what she believed was a final breath and then she collapsed into a snow bank. Her last words echoed in the still air. “Take me, Lord. I am yours!”

Despite the loss of consciousness, Dara felt her surroundings. They were cold at first but slowly, they began to warm. She still could not move but she was not afraid.

“It’s not your time, Dara. You weren’t meant to die here.” A soft, female voice spoke in a soothing manner. “Help is on the way. Hang on. They are almost here. Hang on, Dara. Something wonderful awaits you.”

Through the fog of her mind, Dara began to rally. She suddenly got a second wind. Pushing herself up the way she’d done a million times at the gym, she rose once more and began to push her body forward.

‘How did I do that?’ The question invaded her mind. ‘I was down. I was out. I cried out to God.’ More questions poured forward. ‘That’s it,’ she answered herself. ‘I cried out to God and He answered. He’s always answered my prayers.’

The Rescue

With new found hope and determination, Dara continued forward. Then suddenly she heard dogs in the background. They grew closer and closer until they were upon her. She bent to pet a friendly chocolate Lab.

“Where did you come from?” The question was illogical but she did not care.

“She’s over here,” a male voice shouted only a few yards away from her. “Hurry, she is freezing.”

Dara looked up to see a hooded figure moving toward her. She smiled automatically. “You found me,” she whispered before passing out a second time; right in the arms of her mortal savior.

She didn’t know how long she was out the second time but when Dara awoke, she was in a warm hospital bed. The sun poured through the window, adding more warmth to her skin.

The Beginning

“I thought you’d never wake up.” A male voice invaded her space. “I’ve been waiting for hours. I told you I wouldn’t leave you until you woke up. I’m a man of my word.”
Dara’s eyes turned to greet her savior. She was pleased with what she saw. He was tall, dark and handsome; the fairytale kind she’d always dreamed of.

“I don’t remember,” she returned.

“I figured you wouldn’t,” he laughed. “But I gave my word and it is my bond. I remembered for both of us.”

Dara smiled. She found she liked the man sitting by her bedside. He didn’t feel like a stranger at all. Her soul recognized him. She didn’t know how. She only knew it was true.

“I’m Benton, by the way.” The big man’s grin disarmed her. It was innocent and childlike. She found it irresistible.

“How did you find me?” Her face turned serious. “Do you know how I got there?”

“I was hoping you could tell me,” Benton responded. “As for how I found you, that’s another story. My dogs Blackie and Pepper are responsible for that. We were out hunting and suddenly they took off at a run. I couldn’t figure out where they were going until I saw you standing there, freezing in the snow. You looked like an angel that had fallen from the heavens.”

“I’m no angel,” Dara returned. “I can’t tell you what I was doing out there in the snow in a negligee,” she finished. Sobs began to build inside of her.

“The police were sure hoping you could,” Benton sighed. “They think you were abducted and brought there. The strange thing is you weren’t hurt. They don’t know the kidnapper’s motive.”

“Was I. . . ?” The questioned froze on Dara’s lips.

“No sexual assault according to the doctor. There’s not a bruise on you; no frostbite either. They couldn’t explain that. You must have a guardian angel.”

Dara smiled. “Apparently I do. There was a moment when I collapsed. I remember drifting off. I felt certain that I was dead. I heard a voice though. It told me it wasn’t my time. It said help was coming. When I woke up, there you were – you and your dogs, I mean.”

Benton reached to touch Dara’s hand. She did not withdraw it. It felt comfortable in his. Butterflies squirmed in her stomach.

“I think it was fate. I think God put me in the right place at the right time,” the dark-eyed man grinned. “I’ll be forever grateful. I’m sure of it.”

A Full Life

Days past before Dara was released. Every day, Benton came to visit. Every day, the two of them grew closer. After her dismissal, they went on their first date. Less than a year later, they met at the altar to proclaim their undying love.

What happened to Dara was never discovered. She never remembered how she got where Benton found her. In the long run, she decided it did not matter. Things happened as fate wanted. They found one another.

Ten years passed. The marriage grew stronger. Three children later, it was unbreakable. Twenty years passed and time forged an unbreakable bond. Fifty years passed with moments of unspeakable happiness. Dara and Benton fawned over their eight grandchildren, treasuring every single moment.


The couple died on the same day, asleep in their beds, entwined in one another's arms. When they reached heaven, hand in hand, a beautiful angel greeted them. Dara recognized her voice right away.

“You are the one who brought us together,” she said happily.

“No, God did that,” the angel responded. “I just had the joy of making sure you were in the right place at the right time.”

“Then you put me in that field,” Dara whispered. “But how?”

“Some things are not meant to be shared. I can tell you this, however. Your pairing was essential. Your grandchildren will do amazing things because of the love and guidance you provided to them and their parents. Without that, so much would have been lost to the world."

“Are you Fate then?” Dara’s query was answered with a nod.

“Some don’t believe I exist,” the angel answered. “That’s why they miss their chance to be something extraordinary.”

Dara and Benton grinned and followed the angel as she walked away. They were home at last and, as always, they were together – as Fate had deemed.


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As a freelance writer I have authored columns for newsletters, newspapers and magazines as well as online sites. Now I concentrate on writing short stories, poetry and books.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
12th Feb 2015 (#)

Be still my heart! So romantic and just perfect for Valentine's Day! Charlie, Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

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author avatar Carol Roach
14th Feb 2015 (#)

another great story, I sent you the link to wikinut but I don't recall that you signed up under me?

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