A Trip up the Mountain: A short story for children

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Writing stories for children brings back memories of our childhood- Those simpler days. Don't you too want to cherish them?

Writing children stories

Oh Those times of our childhood.We used to play for hours. Often, we overlooked our Mother's call to come and have our food. We fought with our friends or cousins. We argued with our brothers and sisters. Those cricket games within a small courtyard. Those lazy afternoons in gardens.
And now, these times when we have to fight for our survival. We have to put in so much efforts to maintain our and our family's lifestyles.

So, what better than expressing and bringing ourselves to a simpler "us" through telling a tale for children. I have done so earlier on Wikinut too. One of my stories got some good comments from the readers. So here is another little effort to simplify, and bring back memories of those childhood days.

Trip up the Mountain: "Squirrel, Rabbit and Butterfly"

One day, it was a bright sunshine in the forest. The Three friends- Kate Squirrel, Edward Rabbit and Rosy Butterfly were sitting near the old chestnut tree.

Edward Rabbit:"Oh such a great sunshine. But I am feeling so lazy today. What to do today?"

Rosy:"Enjoy the sunshine- isn't it a great day?"

Kate:"I am missing my nuts!"

Edward: "Oh Kate, you always keep talking about things to eat. I just don't want to talk about eating."

Kate:"I know a place where I can get good nuts."
Rosy:"Where is that?"

Kate:"Up towards that narrow path up the mountains. It is not far and I know the way."

Rosy:"It is so exciting! Let's go!"

Kate and Rosy start going, but hey Edward does not move a bit.

Rosy:"Hey Edward are you not coming?"

Edward:"Well, uh, ok, I will come."

And then the three of them jump, sing, dance and walk up the narrow path. From far off, the sound of the hot spring with gushing waters was clear.

Kate:"Hey see so many nuts there!" She says, pointing to a big tree on a flat and big area on an elevated terrain.
"Would you both join?"



And then all of them have great time relishing the nuts. In between, Rosy narrates the story of the King Toranzo - The great butterfly and Edward narrates a few Giant Bunny stories his granny used to tell him.

A few hours go by.

"Edward, where are you?"

"Rosy, are you there?"

"Naughty Kate, where have you been?"

The mothers of these three friends are calling them all.

Kate:"Mother, I am here along with Rosy and Edward."

In five minutes, all three friends' mother appear on the mountain path.
On seeing their children, they rush towards them, crying.

"Kate, are you ok?"

"Rosy, you have been away for all day today."

"Edward, you all came here. You didn't tell us. You are the eldest and you should have told us.
Don't you know that at times this mountain has landslides, the rocks come down the slope, and on some slopes you can fall down."

"Yes Mother, we should have told you before coming up the mountain." , said Edward.

"Mother we won't do it again.", Rosy too spoke.

"Neither will I.", adds Kate.

"But surely, you must have enjoyed this bright and sunny day."

"Yes Mother" all three were so happy while replying.

And as the dusk approached, all the families came safely and happily down the slopes.

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Image : made by self, colored by child and scanne and posted.


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author avatar Tonyj
27th Jul 2015 (#)

childhood memories are golden

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author avatar Ptrikha
28th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks Tonyi

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
27th Jul 2015 (#)

Ptrikha, thank you so much for sharing your children's story. I love stories that make me smile.

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author avatar Ptrikha
28th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks NANCY.

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author avatar M G Singh
28th Jul 2015 (#)

Nice tale

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author avatar Ptrikha
28th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks Madan

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