A Trueroleplay story

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A story I wrote based off the server I play named TrueRoleplay. I wrote it last year of november. I thought it was pretty entertaining and a few other people.

A True Roleplay Story

Kelly Violi: What you up to John.
Johnny Novikov: Nothing except having a cup of coffee.
(The lobby was filled with the fresh coffee smell)
Kelly Violi: Mmmm, Smells good John were did you get it?
Johnny Novikov: I got it from Luigi new machine; it makes all kinds of stuff. I must admit I haven’t had a cup of coffee this good in a while.
Kelly Violi: I think I will have one.
(She turn’s around head towards the machine, as she do Luigi comes him.)
Luigi: I see your taking a liking to the new machine!
(In his mind he laughs evilly, I going make a fortune off this machine!)
Kelly Violi: Yeah it smells so delicious I can’t resist.
Johnny Noviki: Yeah!
(Interrupted, Beepers going off)
Johnny Novikov: There been a shooting at Pig pen!
(Over the radio)
SAPD: SAPD to LSP, respond, over.
Johnny Novikov: I got it.
Johnny Novikov: *On the radio* This is LSP come in, over.
SAPD: *radio* Servile officer has been shot we need all your units to respond, over.
Johnny Novikov: *radio*Okay, over.

After that call the hospital was empty, as we approached the scene Roads were blocked off. People started to crowd in. You could hear Luigi above in the helicopter, “Clear the road to make room for the ambulance”.
As we got out at least two cops were dead. FBI was every where, it was like a massacre, but yet I have seen no other injured bodies but the police officers themselves.

The freezers were full, waiting for there funeral. Only one cop out of ten survived the shoot out.
It was around 6:00 pm, In Dylan offices

Luigi Davili: Sad, sad day.
Dylan: Sure is. (with a frown on his face.)
Luigi Davili: You want me to call him in?
Dylan Davili: Yeah, you may.

Luigi loved to trick people with his angry fake attitude, but it never got me except this one time.
*Luigi talks over the radio to Johnny Novikov.*
Luigi Davili: Get into my, I mean Dylan office now!
Johnny Novikov: Okay
Few min later Johnny Novikov Walks into the office.
Luigi Davili: Whip that smile off your face, What are you smiling about, you think what you did was a joke. No, it wasn’t!
Johnny Novikov: Sorry sir. ( with a blank face)
Luigi Davili: You know why I called you into his office?
Johnny Novikov: No sir, I do not.
Luigi Davili: (suddenly with a kind voice) I called you here to gradulate you on a good job you did today, and your going to be promoted.

To be continued….


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