A Turning Point

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This is a story about making choices and about how we look back at who we were, who we've become and who we could have been.

A Turning Point

For all of us, there comes a moment in life when we find ourselves at a crossroads and we need to make a choice. It is a life-changing decision that is obviously not easy to make, which is why pros and cons must be carefully weighed. Such moments are called turning points.

I remember such a moment when my life shifted by 180 degrees. I was a fresh university graduate, with high hopes and little knowledge of what life had in store for me. After four years spent in an old, picturesque, quiet city in the north of the country, I decided it was time for me to change the scenery. So I considered my options and found that the capital was too crowed and noisy for me, my home town was too small and uneventful, so going west was the only way. I picked a developed university centre close to the border, to start my new life. And new it was, for I had never visited the city and I hardly knew anyone there. But I adjusted and slowly began to make friends, study and look for a job. This last part was the most interesting and difficult experience I had ever had. I was very young, I had no experience, very little money, and … apparently, no prospects. While I was looking for a highly cultural, intellectual, challenging job, the offers were very poor and ranged from secretarial tasks to selling kitchen knives from door to door. I was ashamed to ask my parents for money. I had to tutor children to support myself. At times, I would lose hope, but then I would quickly get back on my feet and out the door to another interview.

Six months had passed when I got a phone call from an old friend, asking me whether I was interested in a position in the capital. Accepting meant giving up on my plan to live and succeed in the west on my own or admitting that I had failed. But under the circumstances, I decided this was an opportunity I had to take. The next day I was on the train to the capital, getting ready for yet another professional encounter. I was truly a provincial in the big city. Everything seemed so big and crowded and foreign and mean to me that I didn’t think I would last more than the two days scheduled for my stay there. And yet, two weeks later I started my first job in a grey tower building, with men and women in suits, and a whole lot of rules to follow. It was a huge change. I had tons of things to learn, a whole new world to adjust to, and a brand new life to begin. And even though every now and then I wish my life were simpler, I know that, eight years ago, that scared, inexperienced girl made the right choice.

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author avatar Songbird B
4th Nov 2011 (#)

Good on you, Ella..It takes courage to try something new, and you sound as if you have this in spades...Congratulations on taking that chance. Lovely share..

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author avatar Ella
4th Nov 2011 (#)

Thank you. Actually, this happened almost eight years ago, but now I'm facing another turning point in my life and it feels great! :)

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