A Valentine's Day to Remember

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Lisa is feeling down, she has just split up with Paul, and she needs no reminders that Valentin's Day is fast approaching. Read on to find out more?

A Valentine's Day to Remember

Lisa dragged herself out of bed, it was past midday, and just because she didn't have work today, there was no excuse to stay in bed all day. Well that is what her head was telling her, but her heart was saying something different.

She had been laying there , remembering this time last year, Paul had said he loved her, and she had believed she loved him, she was certain she had found " The one". She loved everything about him, his dark curly hair, and the way he pushed it back when it fell over his brow, his handsome features, and the way his expressive brown eyes, with their unbelievably long eye lashes gazed into hers and melted her heart.

Last year Valentine's Day had been a magical time, the red roses, the meal in such a posh restaurant, his desire to please her and make her happy was apparent, no man had touched her heart the way Paul had, but that was last year.

This year he was gone from her life, he had a new love, and here she was heartbroken and lonely, with only two days to go before Valentine's Day. She felt miserable and rejected, she had trusted Paul, he seemed different, but when he got tired of her and moved on, then she saw the real Paul, the man who didn't want to be tied down, who said he had fallen out of love with her.

He said it was no-one's fault, just life, but she had bitterly reflected, it hadn't taken him long to move in with his latest conquest. Maybe it made her feel better to think that someone else had turned his head, and broken them up. But then a little voice inside her was reasoning, saying a handsome man like Paul could have any woman, and the saying sprang into her mind, " Handsome is, as handsome does."

Well she could feel anger taking over now, he may have been handsome, but with her curly blonde hair, innocent blue eyes, and a figure that she took great pains to preserve, she too, could have anyone, its just over the last year or so she had been off the market. She was only 23, and when she felt ready, she would be back out there, enjoying life, it was simple Paul had not been Mr Right, and she was getting tired of lounging around in her onesie.

Her Mother

Lisa had indulged herself long enough, and she knew it. Many other people were far worse off, and one of them was her mother. Dear Mum who had struggled to bring her up alone, who had never complained, she had no choice when her husband Joe had died in a car crash on his way home from work on 12th February. some 20 years ago.

All those years, when she asked her mum why she hadn't married again, it was the same answer. " Your Dad was my true love, and you come first in my life, there is no room for anyone else."
She knew her mum would be feeling it today, so she would go round and see her. They could spend time together. She squashed down her feelings of hurt and anger. She had hoped , since she had left home, that her mother would find someone. After all, Karen was only 45, and she still kept herself smart and attractive.

Karen ran her own hairdressing business, so her own hair was always beautifully styled. But her life was full of women, she rarely met men, and seemed content that way.

Lisa arrived

Lisa ignored the fine rain that was managing to envelop everything in a grey mist, and jumped into her car. When she arrived, Karen hugged her warmly, they had always been close, and today ed specially they needed each other.

Karen had always believed in letting Lisa go when the time was right, but last year, when she had moved in with Paul, she had a bad feeling about it. She could see how in love Lisa was with him, so she had kept quiet, and she hoped she was wrong about him, but Paul had fallen out of love with Lisa, and all she could think of now, was she was glad it had been before they were married.

Lisa had sobbed when she told her, and her heart went out to her daughter, but she had told her not to worry, one day she would meet the right man. She had nearly added," Just like I have, it only took me 20 years." But right now, it was the wrong time to tell her.

Karen had devoted her life to bringing up Lisa, just as Joe would have wanted, but in the last year, she had made more of an effort to go out, as the house seemed so empty without her bubbly laughter and smiling face. She had first met Gerald when he dropped off his daughter Ellen to have her hair done. Ellen was getting married very soon, and she explained to Karen how her dad had brought her up since her mum died over 15 years ago, and what an amazing parent he was.

When he picked up Ellen later, Karen couldn't help noticing what a kind face he had, with earnest grey eyes, and hair that matched them, and was neatly styled. Apparently he worked in the city, and she could imagine him with his sleek black shoes, blue shirt and smart suit, boarding the train every day.

That was 3 months ago, Ellen was now married, and Karen had started a new and very happy relationship with him, but right now, couldn't decide when would be the right time to tell Lisa.

Her Mum Looked Different

Lisa was expecting her mum to look very sad , after all it was the anniversary of Dad's death, but today there was a glow about her, something different she couldn't quite put her finger on. She was even toying with the idea of asking if she could move back home and give up her flat. They could both save some money. But then it hit her, being in love gave a glow like that, so she had to ask.
" Mum you look great, I haven't seen you for a while, we've just chatted on the phone, but I have never seen you look so well. Have you found yourself a man?"
She tried to say it in a joking way, but inside she was thinking, even mum, is happy and woe is me!.

Karen was startled at how perceptive she was, but knowing how down Lisa was, she tried to answer her very lightly. There was no way she could deceive her daughter.
" Well I am dating again, Gerald is a widower, and we are having a nice time together, that's all. But please realise I will never forget your dad, and what day it is today."

Lisa put on the performance of her life, she had to forget about herself, her mother deserved every bit of happiness she could get, she jumped up, hugging her fiercely.
" Well done mum, you got yourself back out there."
" It's early days yet." said Karen cautiously,"let's see how it goes."

On Valentine's Day

The post came just before Lisa left for work on Monday morning. She had steeled herself to expect nothing, but she was wrong, there on the mat was a red envelope, the handwriting was familiar, was she going mad?

She opened it cautiously, it was a very expensive one with fancy writing and a big red heart. Her heart thudded with apprehension, it was his writing, its was Paul's, and the words sprang out at her.

She turned it over in her hand, but her heart had lost that warm glow, and just at that moment her phone sprang into action, ringing loudly and imperiously. Her trembling fingers clicked, and his voice sounded so pleading.
Lisa I am sorry, you are the one, I made a big mistake, please take me back."
" No, I don't love you any more," she said fiercely, clicking the phone off, and discarding the card.

And as she headed out of the door, she knew it was true, she had plenty more Valentine Days in her life, and when she met the right person she would know, just like her mum knew. She was now ready to move on.

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