A Visit to an Old House

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“Somebody must be walking over your grave. Can you guess when this house was built, Alan?

A Visit to an Old House

It was a bright cold day in april and the clocks were striking. I rose from my bed and drew the curtains. I was expecting George to arrive shortly. We were old friends. Then, the bell rang. I put on my old green slippers and gown, then ran downstairs from my bedroom. Through the glass I could clearly see George. I unlocked the main door and let George inside.
“Hello, Alan, am I late?”, he asked me in his usual flamboyant manner.
“No…not at all, infact you arrived just in time for a hot cup of tea.” I let him in the kitchen.
“Are you interested in buying an old property, Alan?”
“Not particularly, George.” I yawned.
“Well, there is an old house about seven miles from here. If you like, we could take a look at it.”
I was actually double-minded. My eyes were tired through lack of proper sleep. I would rather have stayed in bed then perhaps watch televison later.
“Do we have to go today, why not tomorrow?”
“I’m afraid not. I have to go to my work then.” George was obviously putting me in a forced position and I could not refuse. Finally I agreed.
“What time do we leave?”
“There’s no time like the present!” We drank our cups of tea and then I went upstairs to dress. George sat on a chair reading a newspaper.
Soon, we were on our way to the house. Personally, I felt that the whole idea was a waste of time. George was wasting valuable petrol while I was only going for his company’s sake.
“At the speed we are travelling, it should only take about 20 minutes, Alan.”
“Good, I hope it’s as old as it sounds.” George could see that my mind was on sleep and he chuckled. I closed my eyes for the remaining part of the journey.
When we arrived, I suggested that we should park the car beside an old tree. I could clearly see that the house was very old. It was situated in a dense forest area. As we opened the car doors to get out, a chill ran up my spine. I shuddered.
“Somebody must be walking over your grave. Can you guess when this house was built, Alan?
“Last century?”
“It was built just over two centuries ago!”
“How do you know that, George?”
“I have been doing some research on it. Let us go in.”
The door was unlocked and George led the way. It was dark inside, so I produced a pen-torch from my coat pocket. We examined our surroundings carefully.
“George,…who lived here previously?”
Before he could answer my question, the lights flashed on. The entire house was full of brightness. A near by door opened and familiar faces entered, smilingly.
“Happy birthday, Alan!” Said George smirkingly.
The memories of that day stayed in my mind for a long time.

The End.


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