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This is an illustration of how lies can be your source of comfort

A warm bed of lies

A lot had happened in the last few weeks than she had ever expected. She had finally got the courage she needed to say goodbye to all the things that she felt she did not need. The changes slowly started and she let go of her love rat of a boyfriend. Things were good at first and she was able to ignore his pleas and requests for a while and after a week, she felt that she was truly over him. Thoughts of moving on from him were overwhelming and she found a lot of strength in this.
Travelling home felt like a good idea and she set out to seek the cool fresh air in the countryside. Life was wonderful at home. She spent her mornings watching comedy shows then she would embark on activities such as gardening and cleaning. It was almost two weeks after leaving him and she had never felt better. Unfortunately, her joy was not to last as she got an email informing her that she had to report to work in less than a week. Hugely unprepared, she started looking for ways to find all that she needed to be ready for work: official clothes, letters, certificates. All of a sudden, all the joy she had been bathing in was gone. She was stressed out by the situation and did not like that her holiday had ended so abruptly. Faced with this challenge, she started texting him back whilst ignoring his calls. She felt that no harm would come her way if she proceeded cautiously. Not knowing what she was looking for by communicating with him, she continued searching for solace by engaging him. Little by little, they talked about things. She knew that she was not going to go back to him but she was open to the idea of living with him until she got back on her feet emotionally. Once again, they were under the same roof. He, thinking that they were back together and she , using this as a chance to lean on somebody for support at the end of a long work day. The arrangement was suitable for them and she was okay with being his ex while he ranted about how they were always going to be together. She had told two of her friends that she had left him and could not bring herself to tell them that she had slipped in a moment of weakness and was back where she had started. Every day she would respond to their calls and texts cheerily and would hide the truth from them. In essence, she was lying to them and herself but it did not matter at the moment because she felt okay. She slept better with a person beside her and having a person in the house kept her from going crazy, even if that person was the man who had hurt her the most. At that moment, it felt right even if she knew that she was digging her own grave.


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