A Walk Through Hell

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I am a Christian and my faith heavily influences my writing. I have begun to wonder whether or not predestination is a Biblical concept, and as I begin to lean towards believing in predestination, it leaves me with many questions. This poem strikes at the heart of my questioning. Can a God that predestines be both just and loving?

A Just and Loving God

Death’s bite was swift and sweet
As it led me away from life
It took me away from friends and family
From my children and my wife

The eternity I had imagined
Was not what I received
The place to which I went
Was hell without reprieve

Here I was condemned
For a life lived without faith
A faith I was not given
From God, that damn wraith

How could I believe
When my life was a living hell
Nonetheless I was sent here
To this eternal prison cell

You see, my father was a drunkard
And on me he did beat
He abused my mother also
Until her life was complete

Off to prison he went
And I was left all alone
Cast out on the streets
To be a drug dealer’s drone

With this life I was not content
And out of the slums I rose
I left behind drugs and alcohol
And all that would decompose

Many lonely hours I slaved
At endless dead-end jobs
And saved up money for school
Only to have my apartment robbed

Onward I strove after my dreams
And saved up my scant wealth
I worked my way through school
Regardless of poor health

At this school I met
My wife, my true friend
She is the one who saved me
Not some religious trend

So you Almighty God
I do now put on trial
And beseech you to answer
For I will no longer be beguiled

Where were you O God
When my dad killed my mom
Or when I was dropped on the streets
Like the first atomic bomb

Where were you loving Jesus
When I was selling drugs
And all of my best friends
Were killed by gangbanging thugs

Why God, oh why
Are there so many whores on the street
Selling their bodies like cheap candy
So that their children can eat

Do you not love them either?
To this hell will they be cast?
For a life they could not control
When life’s hellish winds steered their mast

Tell me O God
For I fail to understand
What I did so wrong
To deserve eternity in this hellish land

Eternity’s thudding silence ensued
And my plea He ignored
He looked down on me from heaven
And surely He was bored

Harsh winds full of sulfur
Blew perpetually at my face
And on the ground I spat
At this God and his loving grace

The ground on which I spat
Was a furnace of hot coals
That seared through all flesh
And cut directly to the soul

My festering flesh though
Blistered it was not
For on my feet were shoes
From life which I brought

For into Hell I brought
Quite a number of things
A shirt, suit, and tie
The wardrobe of kings

In my suit pocket I dug
And behold I did find
A bottle of dirty water
And bread similar in kind

The mold and the mud
On these prizes I did not heed
But I treasured these more tenderly
Than any precious cross or creed

Also in my pocket
Was medicine meant for ills
A cure for my constant pain and sorrow
Lay within these pills

Realizing that in eternity
Time would never stop
I took my first step in Hell
Where mankind’s heathens God does drop

So through the wide gate
And down the wide path I did trod
Looking for Truth amidst lies
And searching for this tyrant God

Along my trek I wandered
Down this long and lonely road
Until I saw a somber man
And he asked for me to lighten his load

“I have been here for eternity
And have had naught to eat
Could you also give me water
You’re the first stranger I did meet”

I struggled for a while
But could not add to his hell
So I gave him my food and water
The last draw from my scant well

I gave him leave and wandered on
Thinking more defiant thoughts
Till a new man I met
And with me he shared his terrible lot

“Sir, for an eternity it seems
I have been cast here all alone
Could I please accompany you
And perhaps this treacherous God dethrone

I granted him his one request
And onward we did walk
We went often in silence
The company left no need to talk

Along our path a man we met
Lacking clothes, and in boils adorned
He cried out in anguished
And along with him we mourned

“I am naked and in much pain
And I see you have clothes to spare
Sirs could either of you please
Lend your shoes into my care”

Off my feet I pulled my shoes
And off my back, my shirt
I gave them and he thanked me
But oh like hell did that pain hurt

On the road we left our friend
And spoke of things past
Reminiscing on friends and memories
Till on another we came upon at last

“Sirs, as if this hell were not enough
I have been cursed with a terrible cough
Could you do anything to help me?
Have you any medicine in your trough?”

Unto this man I gave his cure
And he thanked me with much grace
No words that I have can describe
The hope that shone upon his face

Upon this road and
In this despicable hell
The injustice done unto me
Into my realization fell

For I was condemned
For the faith that I lacked
And in Hell will I flounder
Until this God is finally sacked

Is it wrong to say
That this God is unjust?
All because I lived life
Outside of his malleable trust

Am I not a sheep?
Yet I was cast a goat
And God above condemned me
For a story He had already wrote

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author avatar Retired
9th May 2013 (#)

I don't believe that "predestined" means that God only picks and chooses who He wants to allow into Heaven. He wants all to come to Him. God sees all, however, past present and future, and KNOWS who will choose Him and who will not. If you are living a life pleasing to Him, following His Word to the best of your ability (He knows what that is, too) He is not going to reject you.

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author avatar Retired
9th May 2013 (#)

Firstly, of course, this must include admitting that you are a sinner and asking His forgivness. :)

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author avatar Brad Johnson
9th May 2013 (#)

Thank you for your comment! When I think about predestination, I see it as God giving faith to some and not to others. We see throughout Scripture that when someone comes to believe in Jesus it is because the Father has given him faith (See Peter and his confession in the Gospel Matthew 16, or Acts 16:14 with Lydia, and these are just two examples). So when I see that God is the one who gives faith it makes me wonder why others do not have it. Because you have to assume if someone has faith that God gave it to them, but then that also means that if someone does not have faith then God did not give it to them. Do you see what I mean? Reply back when you get the chance because I'd love to talk on this further! Thanks for reading!

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author avatar Retired
9th May 2013 (#)

I was taught that everyone has enough faith to be saved (born again, if you prefer). But also, that God did not make us puppets (He gave Adam and Eve the free will to obey Him or not, and they chose not to). God Himself does not send anyone to Hell, they themselves do. But God is a Holy God, and cannot allow sin into His heaven. Something my pastor once said to me that often rings in my mind:
"Jesus said that if we have enough faith, we can move mountains. I've never known anyone that's moved a mountain." Not even one of the disciples did, and they walked alongside Jesus for three years. :)

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

Dear Brad , if only you could see the tears that Jesus wept for you when your father beat you and your mother died . If only you could have felt the pain He suffered willingly , with the lashes on His back and in His hands and feet , to pay the debt of a Holy God for us . If only you could see how the Devil is laughing because you believe it is the Loving Heavenly Father that is to blame for all your ills , instead of him . If only you could understand that the dear Lord Jesus can take your broken life and heal every part ..He died for this whole world , so that all who repent and turn to Him can receive Eternal life .
Dear Brad ...God loves you very much indeed .
Many blessings in your search for Him

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

PS ..I also believe God gives all a chance to hear of Him in some way ...and it is not His will that any should perish , but not all will choose Him . That must make Him sad indeed .
God bless you

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author avatar Brad Johnson
24th Jul 2013 (#)


I appreciate your comment, but this poem is strictly fictional. The point of this poem was to help me work out predestination, and how that fits in with the idea of God being both loving and just. I believe that everyone has free will, but that every single time we choose sin, unless God steps in. When God gives faith to someone, then everything changes. The idea of this poem was to try and picture someone in hell who had lived a righteous life (as righteous as any human can live) in spite of a tumultuous upbringing, yet he is condemned to hell by God for not having faith. If you want a more in depth look at the topic of predestination, you can check out my blog http://thetruthtopics.blogspot.com/ or Chosen for Life by Sam Storms. I appreciate your input!

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author avatar Brad Johnson
24th Jul 2013 (#)

*** A faith that he was not given *** I meant to write that at the end of the second to last sentence.

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