A Warning to Americans Celebrating Osama bin Laden's Death

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I am saddened by the reaction of many people upon hearing about the killing of Osama bin Laden. Not only is his death being celebrated, but people are loosing sight of reality.

My Plea

I urge my fellow Americans (I am from Michigan, although am currently living in Canada) to avoid celebrating Osama bin Laden's death.

Many people fail to realize that when they celebrate something... there is always somebody who sees things differently.

A classic example is a football game. There are people cheering for one side, and people cheering for the otherside. In a heavily mismatched game, where one team is stronger than the other, many people who favor neither team strongly, will often root for the underdog. The USA is the strong team, Osama, a man who had gone into hiding, was the underdog.

By celebrating his death Americans look like a championship football team who just walked all over a less qualified team and are celebrating it to the extreme. Nobody likes that kind of attitude.

By behaving this way, more people will raise Osama bin Laden to martyr status, making him a hero, making the USA more of an enemy.

Again, I urge you not to celebrate the killing of this, or any, man! I do not want to be the victim of a retaliation strike, and I am tired of so many people hating America, and Americans!

The Problems of Demonizing Osama bin Laden

After the events of 9/11, in which New York's Trade Towers were destroyed many Americans demonized one man, Osama bin Laden, who was killed in Pakistan May 1, 2011. Had bin Laden been solely responsible for the tragic events, or any other terrorist atrocity, this might be an actual reason to celebrate his death in the way millions of people are doing at the moment.

I am not saying he had no part in the activities of 9/11 (although many conspiracy theories would argue he had no part in these events), I am concerned with the demonization of one person and how that affects society as a whole.
He is dead! Is the world suddenly a safer place?

Osama bin Laden was an old man, in hiding, and without much power. One newscaster was even heard to say that it was one of the greatest fears was that he would die of natural causes before he could be killed.

The older generation will remember Charles Manson. While Manson may have encouraged people to kill, he was not the actual killer in the murders he was convicted for. He was demonized, vilifyed, and imprisoned for much longer than many people who have committed actual murders.

People had an attitude that the world was safe because Charles Manson was jailed.
Now this same attitude is being felt in conjunction to the death of Osama bin Laden. Yet what really has changed?

We cannot go around vilifying individual people, it diminishes us as a people.

Osama bin Laden has been made into an icon, just as Charles Manson has. In fact, to parts of the counter culture Charles Manson has become an iconic anti-hero that people follow, love, and admire, do you really want to do the same to Osama bin Laden?

Authors Note: When I refer to demonization and vilification, I am not talking about a process of saying that somebody is “bad” or “evil”, it is a cultural process of turning one person into a boogie man above all others.


Please rethink your feelings and actions towards celebrating the killing of Osama bin Laden.

"Being Relieved" is one thing, but to be happy and celebrate it, is another.

He was killed without so much as a trial, this after hiding for 10 years. I am not saying he was not guilty, but rather I am pointing out how the situation looks to people on the other side, many of whom are just like you and I, people who want to live and be happy.

He is already a hero to many. Our actions of celebration are self serving and pathetic. Do not wrap yourself in the flag over this. I urge you.

Read another writers article on the same topic: "Questioning the Celebrations of Osama bin Laden's Death."
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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
Raised in Michigan, I have a son who recently joined the Military. I am living in Canada with my wife where we have a hobby farm.

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author avatar Carol
3rd May 2011 (#)

Very wise words Mark, there will be another dictator to take over from him no doubt!

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author avatar Jerry Walch
3rd May 2011 (#)

Mark, we had an expression in Viet Nam, "Kill them all. Let God sought them out." That applies to terrorists too. As a rule, I usually find myself in agreement with you but not this time. If more terrorists and would be terrorist were killed, America would not have become the target she has become. There are bumper stickers on all my vehicles that reads, "The only way you will take my guns away from me is to take them off my dead body." I salute the Presidents decision to give the green light to send Team Six in. I salute the members of Team Six. The team member who placed the Kill Shots deserves a metal. America has every right to celebrate the eradication of another rabid animal.

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author avatar Joe
4th May 2011 (#)

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist. All think themselves just in actions.

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author avatar Songbird B
3rd May 2011 (#)

This is a tough one. I agree with you Mark, in so many respects, but my first impression on hearing the news, was how easy it is to put a gun to a man's head and pull the trigger...Does taking a life make us any better than he was? This is just one man, when he falls, others may well take his place...A difficult and emotional subject that will affect many...

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author avatar debdebbdebby
3rd May 2011 (#)

this man has terrorized women and children civilians and thought he could get away with blowing new york to pieces...do you really want him on this earth-- would you really have had it done any other way-- wha tif he was a bank robber and your daughter was in that bank and a sniper had a clear shot just as he was about to shoot her in the head -- now tell me you wouldnt beg that sniper to take that shot and take that robber out -- i think some americans have become so frightened wel get unfrightened and start to live again!!! there are many that wont ride the subway or trains or even fly-- everyones world changed after 911 and now -- it will never be the same -- i tried to dwell on your words as i said my prayers last night -- and my conscious said to itself -- no way i am damn right gonna celebrate his death -- i have pics and the newsweek form 911 and many other articles-- i am sorry i dont agree america no longer has to shut up -- i think we did their country a wonderful service and they should thank our navy seals ... and tonight i raise my glass up high in his nasty nam eand hope th edevil has sunk his teeth right into his big fat head.....
☻/ This is deb, copy paste her on
/▌ every comment you... see so she ...can SAY TO HER friends
/ \ all over Facebook.... ..OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD!...A-MEN

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author avatar Denise O
3rd May 2011 (#)

Mark, like many here in the US, when I first heard President Obama address the nation that Osama was dead, I felt no remorse. I am not going to say I celebrated, as I know he is just one of many. As the hours ticked by and I saw the Americans being shown on the street celebrating, I was just as turned off as I was when I saw those in the M.E celebrating over us losing so many in NY, the pentagon and Pa., on that awful day. My main worry is not as innocent as yours are, as in I care so much for those that hype up Osama. My worry is about retalliation for our troops in the M.E., that are still in harms way. This has to only esculate the danger for them. The more we celebrate the worse it will be for them. We always must stop and think of the plight of those fighting for us and I think we have lost all aspect of this and we are just giving into our own self satisfaction and not giving a hoot about our men and women fighting. Osama is only a mere fraction of a huge network and this does not in the very least stop terrorism around the world. It is not like a push button, we get him and now it is all over with. I do think we are in very dangerous times right now. I know Ft Benning is in a escalated state of alert since this all went down. I can feel the tension all around our town right now. So yes Mark, I agree with you, we need to watch how we react to the news of Osama's death. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Greenfaol
3rd May 2011 (#)

Denise, truer words were never uttered and I think that is the gist of what Mark is saying as well and yourself. Whether you feel joy at a mans death or not is less relevant than how this celebrating looks on a global scale. As you mention, you have troops in the line of fire and this is just painting a big target on them. That's not cool.
While I do agree that justice was done, I do not think this is something to have a party over.
Very well written, Mark xx

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author avatar TNT_Brian
3rd May 2011 (#)

Great points Mark. Totally agree with Denise and Norma. I am glad he is dead but I don't think anything will change for the better because of his death. There will be plenty of other people ready to step up and take his place and It is a real possibility that things may now get worse as a result of the people gloating & partying in the street. I think that if people want to celebrate then they should do it in their own homes and not add fuel to the fire by encouraging retaliation.
great article Mark!

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
3rd May 2011 (#)

Mark, you said it better than I did. I don't get why so many people don't get that violence always breeds more violence. Does the death penalty, for instance, reduce the number of murders? Statistics show that the states that don't have the death penaltly have fewer murders.
Very well done, my friend.

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author avatar Carol Kinsman
3rd May 2011 (#)

I'm glad to see more articles being written about this side of the issue. You made some great points! Thanks

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author avatar WordWulf
3rd May 2011 (#)

Nice write, Mark & on the mark in my opinion. Charles Manson is quoted as stating he was as guilty of murder as the politicians and generals who sent troops to die and kill others in Viet Nam.

The American vision of the tall swaggering cowboy "getting his man" is unconscionable, irresponsible, and empircal. This adolescent posing is embarrassing to me as an American and doubly so when I make the mistake of considering myself a member of the human race.

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author avatar kaylar
3rd May 2011 (#)

Whether one celebrates or mourns, whether one nods and is silent or cheers, it doesn't matter to the jihadists.

Those who think by celebrating they will enrage the mad dogs must appreciate that the mad dogs will remain mad dogs.

That Pakistan has sheltered him, (according to the latest CIA reports I can find) since 2007...(you read right...over four years) ... is what needs to be spotlighted.

The hesitation was to not upset Pakistan.

As a retired CIA chap told the BBC today, America is seen as a toothless dog by these people.

America does not understand terrorism. It does not understand the idea of 'nothing to lose'.

Many of the American mil leaders and leaders of covert agencies wanted to bomb the house, but the idea of 'innocent' civilians being killed dissuaded them.

Others felt that one should inform America's 'ally'; Pakistan, while those who had the brains they were born with knew this would be informing Bin Laden himself as the Pakis will die to protect him.

America was not and is not ready for the kind of mad dog mentality these people have.

That it took ten years to get him is nothing to be proud of.

If it had taken ten weeks yes. Even ten months. Even a year. At the most two years.

For him to have remained at large for ten years encouraged every single islamist.

It proved America was a toothless dog, so added to the boldness of the mad dogs.

The idiot 'shoe bomber' was taken down by a Jamaican before he could light his shoes.

The moron panty bomber, that Nigerian nutjob whose own father had tried to report him, was taken out by average citizens on a plane..(I think one of them must have been Jamaican) the fact that America is not safe from terrorism and harrassing decent travelers doesn't help.

A friend of mine, a Muslim with an extremely Muslim name, gets around all these checks by requiring a wheel chair when he travels. Nothing wrong with him, he just doesn't like the harrassment.

He is never checked.
Okay, he's not a terrorist, but if he was?

What made America so susceptible is something Jerry mentioned.

In Jamaica, in 1974, we passed the Gun Court Act. This means if you are found with a gun you go to prison for life.

Gun crime has increased ten fold because decent people can't get guns, criminals don't have a problem.

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author avatar Aden Kendroemen
4th May 2011 (#)

I couldn’t agree with you more Mark, I think all of us here, in light of the fact that we are literary people, need to dust off our copies of Orwell’s 1984, the hate must end. We can no longer afford to let those who would control us, continue to think for us. As you have said, by and large, those of us in the middle, the regular people, whatever that means, want peace. We allow the ideologues and the power mongers on both sides, to control us. Meanwhile, innocent people, on both sides, continue to die. Jerry, if I where in battle, I would take that exact attitude, and some would say that we are indeed at war, but in the larger scheme of things, most of us are insulated from the actual danger of it. We in the west, sit back and lob our bombs, many in the countries that we bomb, live with the very real threat of attack every minute of every day. If we continue to take the moral high ground, then our supposedly high ideals will become an empty sentiment, with no real substance. If we are so much more enlightened than our enemies, why are we beginning to act just like them? Think of the celebrations in the Arabic countries, parading our dead soldiers around like trophies, and tell me how we are any different. If our ideals are real, then we must hold to them, no matter the cost, by compromising them we take away their power. The people we call enemy, were not born to hate us, but were made to by generations of systematic abuse, at the hands of their leaders, as well as our bombs. The statement, “ Kill them all, and let god sort them out,” can apply to all of us, in every country. There is evil in the world, of that there is no doubt, but it is a seed, either dormant, or flourishing in each one of us. Until we accept this fact, and lay down our own hypocrisy, the world will continue to burn.

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author avatar James R. Coffey
6th May 2011 (#)

Wow, what a wasp nest! Personally, I cannot condone the celebration of death.

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author avatar Jack Vorster
8th May 2011 (#)

"Kill by the sword, die by the sword." The heart of every man can be swayed by unseen forces to do good or evil. What we tend to forget is that to God our righteousness is as a filthy rag. Every person doing evil can expect evil to come his way. The law is always in pursuit of the perpetrators of crime and inevitably the worst happens to a criminal. What is disconcerting about it all is that one nation regards itself above all others - as if it is a planet within a planet and untouchable - and regardless of it's own sins, considers God's favor to be on them alone. The very core issue here is that Satan wants every man on Earth dead and condemned and he goes to work on the minds of men for the purpose of the destruction of the creature made in the image of God. He has Americans killing 50 million of their own each year by means of a little operation called abortion. Potentially, there is a Osama Bin Laden in the making all over the world. As long as people die in their unrighteous state and as long as people can be used as his agents to kill others, including unborn children, Satan is happy.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
8th May 2011 (#)

The expression, Jack, is not "Kill by the Sword, die by the sword." The expression is "Live by the sword, die by the sword." You can beat your swords into plow shares if you want, I'll sharpen my swords.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
8th May 2011 (#)

I think Joes comment on May 5 said it all. "One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter..."
When one side celebrates, the other side prepares to retaliate.

Osama was NOT the only one responsible here.

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author avatar D in The Darling
8th May 2011 (#)

Even Nelson Mandela was once labeled a terrorist by many including Margaret Thatcher of The then British Prime Minister.

Killing is bad. So, it shouldn't be bad only when your people are killed. on 9/11, a lot of people from the other side of the fence rejoiced over the death of Americans. If you can remember correctly, their reason was that for once, Americans had a feeling of how painful it is to see your people dying at the hands of another. Palestinians celebrated more than then all.

Now that Osama Bin Laden, the so called king of terror has been captured and killed, wouldn't it make sense to start afresh and stop all the killings?

If numbers of people killed were anything to go by, I'm afraid Bin Laden might look a saint before many. America has killed too many people that were not terrorists.

So, let's all take a look in the mirror before we go further and ask ourselves if our actions are really in line with peace.

He who makes others unsafe makes himself unsafe!

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author avatar Abdul Hakeem
9th May 2011 (#)

Your message is great, celebration of death is evil whether its war or killing Osama, Lakhs of innoncent people were killed by US in Iraq and Afghanistan, Amercia and its people supported those killings and needs to answer for those innocent lives. Those people's only mistake is they lived under a govt with wrong policies, The same can be said of US supporting of Israel unconditionally. People are emotional and none is wrong, but the Karma will not leave that easily.

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author avatar clickmasters
10th May 2011 (#)

Mark, I appreciate the way you retrain yourself even if you’re an American. I am an Asian and my family has been suffering terrorism ever since but we don’t react that way because we think we can hurt our fellow Asians that believed in Osamas’ vision. On some point, I believe as well that partly, Osamas vision is good but his strategy and actions are negative. From Grey’s Anatomy – “It doesn’t mean they do horrible things, they are horrible people”. On the contrary, Americans are raised like they way they are, reactions are expected.

For it is written that, Mark 24:11 “For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom”

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author avatar Diamonddille
11th May 2011 (#)

Mark you truly are a Spiritually conscious Being. You do see the truth to things.
If average man was to raise to higher conscious levels, he too would change the way the average view life and the world could be a more peaceful place...
The mob mentality is the view of the average think, The average think always leads to Social Chaos, Riots and Wars.
If we are to not repeat our Bllody past. Man has to wake up and be enlightened on who they truly are, Spiritual Beings, with a much higher level of Consciousness.
The world is slowly comming around and with pioneers like you, the more conscious Beings, the leaders and doers of society will band together and bring about an even higher level of understanding and consciousness, where all could see things from a Spiritual viewpoint. Spiritual viewpoint leads man to truth and will Free him. I believe that time is at hand and What an awakning man has forward to experiencing. The average think it will happen differently, than what will actually take place, as they have not yet been enlightened Spiritually, but that is why they remain average and get there information from the average and so stay average. Soon even the average will know the truth, as we now have a real Science of the Mind, which will wake all men up to even higher conscious levels...

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author avatar Retired
26th May 2011 (#)

Bin Laden won in a way, because he was not brought in and given a trial. We used to have this principle in the US which was that everyone was innocent until proven guilty.

It is one of the many past US principles that has been eroded by religious fundamentalism, television and public education mind control.

Laden was not a citizen, and he was engaged in acts of war, he never denied being an enemy of the US, but I wonder if we may have been able to prove more by at the very least having a military trial.

Under these circumstances, another country catching one of our Seals or Special Force troops can do the same.

It could very well be the case that we have succumbed to the lesser nature that our forebears were trying to help us rise above.

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