A Wish on a Candle Light

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An inspirational true short story of someone I say significant in my life.

A Wish on a Candle Light

In a small village live a young lad with four younger siblings. He lived together with his parents who were both suffering from poverty. The father used to be a rich kid who was cheated by his siblings in terms of businesses and richness. The mother was an undergraduate of BS Accountancy from a poor family. Since the marriage was hurried because of the gossips spreading in their village, she was not able to fulfill her dreams, rather followed the wish of her father to marry the guy who had a huge crush on her. It went on like an arranged marriage.

The young lad was named Don who aimed for a bright future for his existing and future family. Although he lived in poverty he made sure it wouldn't interrupt in his dreams and aspirations in life. He worked hard to pursue a life that could lead his whole family to the home run.

Under the cruelty of his neighbors and cousins, he with the guidance of his mother didn't fail to invest enough patience to escape from fights and bullies. He experienced a life of rudeness even from his relatives. As a kid who would find time to watch a television from a neighborhood, he was bullied and sent away. Either the neighbors were relatives or not , they made sure he would go home crying by slamming their doors and windows closed and sometimes peed and spitted on him. He experienced the cruelty of life's poverty. That was the turning point of his life that made him stronger aiming for the best for all his siblings. He wanted to make sure they would never experience the same. Never in their lives.

He studied very well and had always listened to his mother for all the values and virtues taught. He followed her guidance and kept the motivation and inspiration in his heart and mind. The cruelty went on, but with his stronger heart and very motivated self, he didn't mind. He may had faced the bad portrait of poverty by fetching gallons of water from a farther village everyday for his family and washed his only one uniform just to be able to go to school each day. The uniform which he asked from a former student in their village. That was the best he could have. That was his weapon against poverty. Everyday he met the rude people around asking for fights, chasing him, and belittling him all the time. He experienced all those. He heard all the worst discrimination in the world and felt the most disgusting feelings amidst his innocence. But the words of his mom, "do not fight, just go home even if you cry," remained on his head. No matter how angry he felt and thought of revenge, his guardian didn't leave him from behind which was good because his father was not doing his best, rather fell on the vices due to the frustrations in his life. His mother and siblings remained his inspirations to move on and aspire for the best. His mother strive hard to help her family and make sure they would live well with dignity and integrity.

Days had passed by that he had suffered more and more from such cruelty. All else he could do was went home and cried. He shared all the heartaches to his mother and the dreams to God via his prayers. He was a Catholic who made sure to pray each day. He was a good child who never said anything bad towards his parents. He was the best brother on earth who took good care of his siblings. He filled each of them with love and defended them from all the vicious people and events. He didn't stop fulfilling his dreams and became one of the top students in his class in every level of education. He was smart and tough.

There were many times that he felt frustrated of his life especially when there were family gatherings and occasions in school but didn't have enough resources to enjoy. No enough money to join, and no enough time to indulge. His classmates had fun times and delicious meals, snacks, and drinks, but he had nothing else but one peso worth of junk food. That was the only snack he had in one occasion. During his graduation, even if he passed with flying colors, he couldn't spoil his self with all the fun like the rest. No matter how much he would love to eat delicious foods, he could only take one small part of smoked corn. He went home with teary eyes for the joy that finally he could pursue the secondary level of education, and because he felt pity to himself. However, that pity didn't ruin his ambition, instead, kept him moving forward.

His father was able to work in their own small jeepney, but was also abused by people. He was almost into an accident because of their cruelty trying to wreck their only mean of living. There were more times of minute ups and vast downs. The mother who was like an angel taking hold of every undesirable feelings each of them had reassured them for a much better life if they would keep the bond and strength to share a meaningful life under God's presence and guidance. It seemed that the fate had been on their side. The father was able to work abroad in a small yet developed country. It was a small job with a small wage yet bigger compared to the wage in the Philippines. The mother who was stingy enough to spend the money appropriately and keep some for them had made a huge change in their lives. Together they came in partner. Don continued his education with her guidance. The rest of the siblings followed the same path. They grew close with each other and opened about their life stories. They maintained a closure that no one could ever break. There were tough times, but nothing had clashed their relationship. The mom was like the candle light in the family Don had started wishing upon.

He succeeded in his life taking up an engineering course with all the hardships of very small amount of allowance and many times of empty stomach. But there was no regret because even so he made it to the top. He was one of the best students up until college. Every summer he would find a job to help his family. Their way of saving income was centralized that only their mom take hold of it. After many days of fishing, working in catering services, planting, and the rest together with his mom and bigger siblings, he had finally reached his goal - to be an engineer. He took the exam and in one take he passed. He didn't hesitate to work abroad as a lower ranked employee. He helped his siblings to pay their tuition fees and continued inspiring them with his loving yet authoritative words. He was more like a dad to them. He was the best role model everyone could find in their village. They all made no regret because everyone became professionals - Don as an engineer, the second as a seaman, the third and fourth also as engineers, and the youngest as a nurse.

All of them experienced the cruelty in their neighbors, but in different levels. The older ones were the most unfortunate to have suffered the worse. The youngest who was the only girl was the luckiest for all the defense and love they reassured her to have. Right now, the ones who bullied them and who chased to fight with them remained stagnant in the kind of life they used to live. They were suffering in poverty and had broken families. They were the ones who now look up high to them and ask for their help including the financial aids. Don and his family never failed to repay them with goodness amidst all the damages they caused. He and his family continued to share the blessings in different means. They do charity works and always have a short gathering of free foods and gifts for the children every December to celebrate Christmas. That is how they celebrate the essence of Christmas - by sharing. Everyone of them persuades other people especially the young ones to never give up on dreams. They inspire and influence them to keep wishing on a candle light.


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author avatar mirage
6th Oct 2010 (#)

It's so touching.....Am happy
it had a beatiful ending.......a
nice rite too...

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author avatar CC23
6th Oct 2010 (#)

thanks my friend. =)

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author avatar Denise O
7th Oct 2010 (#)

This was such a lovely story.
I too love it when it ends happy.:)
As they say "You reap what you sow".
Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar CC23
7th Oct 2010 (#)

thanks my friend. the characters here are still encouraging and inspiring people. =)

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