A Woman, A Mother

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A Mother's Love Is eternal and pure, true and unconditional, selfless and sincere.

A Woman, A Mother

There comes a day in our life,
when we start to reminisce our early days and as we age
we stood by the window and see the farthest object
that our very own eyes can see,
we see the distance.

Within that distance, a delightful picturesque appears
We see the vast wideness of the land, the glory of the sun
the nature that speaks of its never ending beauty,
a beauty beyond compare.

This happen to me one sunny day,
A woman whose appreciation of life is overwhelming,
Took me by the hand and guided me
stretched her arm and spread it like the wings of a mighty eagle,
look and see, take your eyes to the farthest distance
this is where the roots of our family came from,
the forebears of our ancestors

As a child it was hard to believe,
but it was a magnificent picture of how nature and life coincides,
how they glided hand in hand, like this woman holding my hand
my mind was forming so many questions at that time,
like what lies within the land, what grows with it,
what distance it has and what will come of it as years go by

My eyes just admired what it can see and days went by so fast
Lived my life the way I want it to be
Took my own journey and chose a career
I wonder what had happened to this woman?
Til one time I left her a note.

That woman, has grown her years with endurance,
persistence and will and determination.
I can see that by every word that i read on her note.

That was what has come to my mind, the description I have for her
but every success has its own share of hardship,
the sleepless nights spent to bring every plan
the sweat on her brow in every endeavor and work
the insults and gossips she overhears and
anger that she managed to deal with composure.

I picture a woman whose integrity lies on her love of God and family
a woman whose strength is seen by the number of ideas perfected by the love of her craft and the yearning to learn more
the thirst for knowledge and the love for life.
I see a woman who cries in silent tears
and how years of experience brought wisdom and formidable willpower.

A woman who managed to rise up in every fall
a woman who never gave up even if she has to take the battle alone,
A woman who is a woman by heart but a man of strength
a woman whose maternal instinct excels with compassion
a woman who is also a mother, who thinks for the common good

This woman holds a very special place in my heart
and it is by her that I learned how special mankind is.
Able to think of rationale things, putting things into order
it is by then that a man sow the goodness of what spirituality can offer and reap the fruits of his labor.

It is with great influence that I share to you
the joy and pride of knowing this woman by heart,
A mother whose joy is my joy
whose sorrow is my sorrow
she doesn't know this, until this day
this very special day that she was sent to this earth to fulfill her dreams and aspirations
this very day that she was given life to be my mother.....
A mother I can call my own...


A Poem For My Mother

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author avatar Denise O
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

Awww this is just absolutely as sweet as they come. How proud your mother must be, to have a child as you. Thank you for sharing.:)

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