A Worldwide Effect

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A brief blurb designed to encourage united contemplation--collective intention--which also poses a meditative question at the end.

A Worldwide Effect

Close your eyes and imagine the sky as though you lived in it. Picture the
wide-open air, the many species’ of birds soaring in search of food, even
the millions of organisms feeding off the moisture in the clouds.

Now imagine a forested mountainside as though you were a cloud. Picture a
bear fishing in a stream; a squirrel watching from a tree limb above; a
garder snake coiled in a bush; a spider awaiting a fresh catch in her web;
a fawn waiting patiently for her mother to return; a rabbit evading a

Next imagine a barren desert. Picture a single grain of sand among
countless grains in the vast desert, disturbed by a passing lizard,
uncovering the grains beneath that were once lost to time but now reborn
unto the sun; a dust devil twirling through a random remote area in its few
unnoticed moments of life; the mirage of an unfortunate misguided, stranded

Then imagine a void beneath the ocean surface. Picture the legless
creatures blissfully unaware of the world in the open air above; even the
legged creatures among the aquatic plant life.

Finally, gradually or in sections at first if you must, picture all of them
at once, including the busy cities or secluded villages and all the people
filling them around the world…simultaneously.

If we organized a set date and universal time where everyone in the world
took a moment to practice this exercise, at least two or three times a
year, would it have a worldwide effect? If so, would it be for better or


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