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This article is about how a travel commercial can relate to writing. The site mentioned in the article is not this site but another site that I no longer write for


Every now and then I appreciate a good commercial. I love a commercial that gets me to think. Corny is good for a laugh; but, after seeing the commercial over and over again you don’t laugh anymore. However, a commercial where you can find meaning is always valuable, even if you don’t buy the product they are offering.

Commercial about beaches

I love a particular commercial for a travel site, which is presently airing on CTV in February 2015. The commercial from this site has this long hair hippie-looking man who talks about how he had spent his life visiting thousands of beaches to find the perfect one; the perfect paradise. The look of the man I believe was carefully thought out because in the 1960s “hippies” were portrayed as being wanderers without any jobs nor desires to have a job. They were anti-establishment.

The man in this commercial is happy he finally found the right beach. He appears to be a sage or guru. He asks the girl sitting beside him how she found the beach. She answered she found it through the travel site. He asked how long it took and she said a few seconds.

The look on his face says it all, he wasted his life searching for paradise and it could have taken just a few seconds had he used the travel site.

Two messages

There are two messages here. The first and most profound message is that we spend so much time looking for things or chasing dreams in our life. We really don’t need to do that.

The second meaning behind this commercial is not to work hard finding your dream but to work smart. Achieve your goal as quickly as you can to maximize on your accomplishments.

The commercial and writing sites

We can waste long hours on a site working for pennies whereas somebody else is making much more money writing by using sites the pay higher and take less time to work.

I have used many better paying sites in the past and I am going to go back to them. The reason I haven't so far is because they require a lot more work than is expected here but they pay much better. These sites require ghost writers for clients who cannot write their own articles for whatever reason. I did this kind of freelancing for 20 years.

Now I will go back to that work and put forth the energy that I have given to blog sites. Though I still maintain two blog sites that I will not give up. Wikinut is one of them.

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author avatar Retired
19th Feb 2015 (#)

Carol, I see where you are coming from here. I have used a site called "Hirewriters" to make a few quick quid and would consider going back to them if the need for pennies becomes acute.

In the past I did a lot of proofreading and editing work, as well as compiling indexes for books and journals.

However, I do enjoy writing for own pleasure and not being at someone's else's beck and call. I really hate working to a deadline, and that is what all my previous editing and proofreading work demanded.

I now have only one proofreading client - I have worked for him for years and enjoy doing so because his subject matter interests me (Irish literature in English) and he never sets me tight deadlines.

In the meantime
I shall stick with Wikinut!

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author avatar Kingwell
20th Feb 2015 (#)

I don't like deadlines either and prefer to write at my own pace.

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