A big fish always eats a small one

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Nationalism is unfair, because it tends to over praise their own assets and culture against other people´s.

A big fish always eats a small one

Scotland, Cataluña, Bretagne... Is there anyone else to demand independence? Queue on this side, please!
Jokes aside, I´m starting to be fed up with the topic as though there weren´t other issues to tackle and to write about.
Yesterday, it was so called Cataluña´s national day and there were many demonstrations against what they call "Spanish imperialism". Needless to say, I don´t support such a movement despite the fact that I was raised in Barcelona and I´d say it´s an unfair one.
Nationalism is unfair, because they tend to over praise their own assets and culture despising other people´s culture. It´s, therefore, narrow-minded.
It´s unfair because it blames at people from other regions within the same country as lazy ones, backward and the result of their troubles.
In every country, there´re inqualities within different regions, but it doesn´t mean that those that come from poorer ones are lazy or backward people.
At a time when the world goes global and we tend to unite, it doesn´t make sense that small parts of a given country demanded for independence, particularly when they´ve never been an independent nation. It takes a lot more to create a nation other than airing a banner or speaking a language.
Catalans have always blamed at the people from Andalucía, tagging them as lazy, when in fact, these people contributed a lot in Cataluña´s development, working in the big factories, in the textile industry and in the building industry. It was them who built most of their buildings and roads and more often than not getting paid a pittance.
The Italian League, based in the north of Italy, blames at the people from the South and here they even include Rome, but who were the ones that went to work in Torino?
It´s obvious that we can´t regard these people as lazy ones because they belong to a less industrialised and developed regions.
What will these pieces of land do when they are independent? With whom will they have commercial or diplomatic relations? Where will they get funds to have a sound economy of their own? Will the IMF be willing to help them without no interests? I doubt it. If the IMF or the World Bank lend five, they expect to get ten and they expect us to do as they say.
This issue of nationalism is being aired to blind people by petty and local politicians, so they won´t see the real problem.
They should know that a big fish always eats the small one and as an independent nation Cataluña is a small territory with few assets and so it´s Scotland or Bretagne.

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author avatar LOVERME
13th Sep 2013 (#)

did u know
an ant can kill an elephant??

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
13th Sep 2013 (#)

Aint that the truth, dont forget the Kurds being the small fish eaten by Siria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran! Euskal is a victim of Spanish imperialism, as the Basques deserve their independence! Great piece

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author avatar vickylass
13th Sep 2013 (#)

No, you haven´t understood what I meant. I´m opposed to nationalism, particularly when they use nazi ways.

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