A bride with no blemish - a poem by Uttik

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The faults we find in others are reflections of what we have inside us.

A bride with no blemish

Thus was the royal decree issued,
"Find me a bride with no blemish",
Courtier and soldier scattered in haste,
Queen mother echoed the command,
Maid and spinster fluttered away,
Peacock was the first to come back,
With his lovely first born in tow,
The poor mighty man was mighty annoyed at the intrusion,
In the midst of his scented bath and skin toning,
"Off with you, she is too vain!, cried he.

The poor lord's shrill commands tore through the ears of his poorer ministers one day,
A maid sought his audience, with a lovely kite by her side,
A smile of delight spread across the royal visage,
And as quickly faded out in a moment,
"Off with you, her voice is in the rafters!" cried he,
"I need a wife, not a headache."

His poor innocent majesty was cavorting on the palace lawns on a day,
Dwarfed by the royal, if not loyal, children,
A beaming spinster presented herself, leading a most lovely snow monkey,
With many a notion of guaranteed reward,
"Off with you, she is too short, and too playful!" cried he,
"I need a partner, not a clown."

Pages were turned on many a calendar,
The search proved challenging beyond measure.

The sage came by, announcing with, "to-whit, to-whoo",
"Your majesty, we shall log what is not acceptable to thee",
The suggestion was received with an emphatic and decisive royal nod.

Father time blinked his eyes,
The royal one was now calm, now composed, with a few royal breaths left,
A minister sat by his side, and read the entries in the log, and
The rich wise king cast his eyes toward the mirrored ceiling, and checked off each entry.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
13th Dec 2015 (#)

Quite poetic in a very special occasion and incidence of life.!

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