A child is a flower

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A child is a precious pearl which should be adored but they are abused, cursed and ill-treated. This poem is all about the sentiment of a child and the treatment of a well literate society.

Child is a flower

A child is a flower in the garden of childhood;
its a wonderful world of imagination which is never understood.

Some flowers are tender, we never think twice before we break,
some are innocent and we give them a shake,
we compel them to live, we force them to learn,
we torture them to cry, some we teach how to earn.

They do what they see, they learn from you and me,
they cry , they're shy, they're helpless and that's why,
they need our care they need our love ,
they are little angels, like Gods white dove.
They are hungry for love, they strive for care,
those born with a golden spoon are very rare.

Some have a mother,some only father,
some have both ,but some are an alone feather,
they are weeping they are sad, with a smile of yours they feel glad,
that at least some one is there who smiled at us,
rest all whom they know are autonomous.

Deep inside there's a little heart,
who sees the world like its a part,
of life that they have to be abuse,
waiting for freedom .........waiting amused,

My heart sinks deeper when parents fight,
whether its bright or moonlight,
your little angel is watching you,
crying helplessly telling you,
in a lower voice yet to be heard,
I m your child not a shepherd's herd,
I am from your flesh I am from your bone,
why do you fight an leave me all alone.

A child has many questions which are untouched,
many are murdered with their eyes shut,
what are we, I guess not humans,
we can't even follow their little intuitions.

Why is love is restricted, for a child unborn,
why care is bounded like an unsung song,
why a child has to wait on a path which is long,
why cant we realise we are sometimes very very wrong.

God gave them a life, you give them your love,
they are your offspring, and your deeds towards them will be measured above..


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author avatar Legend
26th Apr 2015 (#)

Wonderful imagery! A touching poem with a eep sadness in the refrain!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
26th Apr 2015 (#)

Finally someone with truth of how childhood and upbringing make the adult that you become.

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