A controversial street sign and its song

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it was the street with no name, because the fans used to pinch the signs as a souvenir or a trophy to take home.

A controversial street sign and its song

It was in the 70's when I went to live and to study in England. Better say London, because I've always regarded this capital city like an island in itself, but anyway, I was there and I also was a Beatles' fan. Some people reckon that The Rolling Stones are a lot better than The Beatles, but I was one for the hairy guys from Liverpool.
On a given day, I decided that I had to visit Liverpool and, of course, to walk in Penny Lane.
After a train journey from London and a stay in a b&b, I set ready to get to this Penny Lane. When I allegedly arrived in the street I found that it had no signs and I knew that the local Council had decided to remove them after the fans have been taken to pinch them and to take home as a souvenir or a trophy. So, it seems that it became the street with no name and an outsider would get mad to find it.
In the song The Beatles tell us that there was a barber shop whose owner kept a photograph of the Queen in his pocket and also tells us about a banker that had no overcoat. Non of this existed but in Paul's imagination to grant the street an atmosphere.
It's also said that the barber also had photographs of those people he had cut their hair, but, in fact, they were photographs of hair cut styles. The man, though, boasted to have cut the guys' hair when they were children.
However, a controversial issue happened when the local Council decided to remove all those street signs that had been called after people that had enriched themselves with slavery and this Penny Lane was among the chosen signs to be removed to the fans' anger. In the end and after a big scandal in the city, the local Council decided to save Penny Lane (*)
My weekend in the city that I was eager to visit was a grand one despite its perennial drizzle and having had problems to find this street that had no signs, because the fans pinched them to take them home and the Council got fed up with such a burglary.

(*) I guess there were sweatshops in this street during the industrial revolution where workers earned a pittance while industrial men earned loads of pennies and this was why they called it Penny Lane.

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author avatar M G Singh
21st Nov 2015 (#)

Nice post

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22nd Nov 2015 (#)

Vicky, You were right first time when you talked about Liverpool streets with a slave trade connection. Penny Lane was named after an 18th century slave ship owner named James Penny. It had nothing to do with only earning pennies!

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