A country's woes!

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The economy was bad, prices drove up, money lost value by the second. This is a description of the experiences of people during the time of hyperinflation until it was over.

Just a reflection.

We all watched as the clouds of terror raced,
Toward our compact little nation,
Prophets of doom sung scary ditties,
We children huddled together and cried softly,
While adults looked skywards and put on brave faces,
The world laughed, jeered and ridiculed,
Some shook their heads sympathetically,
Others were just indifferent,
Eyes popping out of eyeballs with curiosity,
The storm arrived,

It was chaotic, Inflation,
Wrecked the nation,
It sucked like Dracula,
Out of everybody's pocket,
Out of the nation's treasury, assisted,
By stealing ministerials,
Their privilege they lamented,
Red eyed greedy people looted,
The dollar lost its value,
It's shine too,
We had 1000 dollar bills,
That quickly shriveled in value,
The minister and governor in gleeful exercise,
Printed more money,
More paper,
Ten thousand note, later they elevated it to,
100 000, 1 000 000 and finally a quadrillion,
By now the storm was heavy,
People sweated, they cried out but no-one heard,
Only God, not the UN,
Not AU, not even the USA,
Money was awash,
Everybody had billions that bought not anything,
The world's poorest billionaires we had,
Everybody rushed to the stock market,
It crushed from the weight of valueless notes,

Painful as it was, we dollarized,
My granny does not know any of that,
She wouldn't touch the USD nor the GBP nor the ZAR,
What country you were?
You may ask? A country living on borrowed notes
It was my Zimbabwean experience,
The storm clouds began parting,
Though we were still smarting,
Because the storm had scared us bad


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