A day Near the Tri Colour

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A fiction, just to evoke a bit of Nationalism in a way that I perceive it.

Standing tall

I looked at the Tri Colour without a blink, fluttering with and against the wind. Soaking and ridiculing the dust. Drooping and soaring, but I look at it with an unfazed Mind. I wanted to see it from close quarters now, to see what was in store. I sat somewhere near the Flag post as if I didn’t care. Strangely enough, for the first time I was accompanying it without the Anthem and Drum roll. It was pretty quiet and vague. I knew the colours, still was gazing at the shades, scared that I might turn out to be colour blind. I knew the number, still was counting the spokes in the ‘Chakra’. You see, I was with my Country that moment, I saw it that way, figuring out the chemistry and camaraderie all these years. I was assaying the truism of that self-proclaimed ‘Country Love’. Unfortunately, there were no references because there were no moments. There were no moments because there was never an intent.

Human race love races, then why I just strolled in this very important race. The answer was simple, because everyone had been strolling around me. Everyone had been a City slicker up till now. Suddenly I felt, whenever I will get the essence of this so called ‘Country Love’ right, the mere vehemence of that moment will surpass and surmount each and every version and depiction of Love known to Mankind. It will not be about ‘Angelic Eyes’. It will not be about Idols or Deities. It will not be about Parents, Families and traditions.

It will be about connecting straight away with 1.2 Billion hearts, good, bad or ugly. It will be about accepting the rurality of our Nation and embracing the traces of that rurality inside us. Of course there is ugliness, there is pettiness, but again, ‘LOVE IS BLIND’. Don’t we toss and turn to protect our loved ones. Husbands and Wives, Fathers and Sons, and of course there are Friends and Foes, who tirelessly try to work out their relationships. It is just that our Hearts need to be oriented towards the Saffron, White and Green stripes. Our Eardrums should drum roll on the lyrics, ‘YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU’.

Standing there, still being a College slick I wondered about my impending Fatherhood and the Titanic responsibilities that tag along. My honesty shivered at that moment but on second thoughts I didn’t care. Looking at the Flag I whispered to myself, “I will be honest to this”. There was realism in that moment, a sense of assurance. I don’t know, it was just the connection between I and the ‘Tri Colour’. I should have done that before. I realized that it(Tri Colour) don’t want you to sing aloud the National Anthem amid doll drums but just your Time, your acceptance and your ability to expand the limits and definitions of Love.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
20th Jun 2013 (#)

We should all love our country, and fellow countrymen, and at the same time understand that others love their country too, we should not think of them as our enemy.

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author avatar johnbee
21st Jun 2013 (#)

You know people don't have a problem with people. It's powerful people who want people to recognize their power that has a problem with people.

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4th Dec 2013 (#)

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