A day in the life of Lord Banks in 2020?

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The future isn't written in stone and I hope mine turns out like this!

A day in the life of Lord Banks 2020?

A day in the life of Lord Banks the Author in 2020?

David looked down at the rev-counter and it showed 6,200 revs he neatly changed up from 2nd to 3rd gear in his Aston Martin Vantage. David preferred a standard ‘H’ shift gearbox rather than the new fangled ‘Flappy Paddle’ Tiptronic gearboxes. The V12 engine pulled with glorious oceans of torque around the tarmac Spanish roads. Lord Banks had the electric windows open and the smell of the Olive Groves and salt air flooded the leather lined interior.

The Gold plated Android phone buzzed and David hit the hands free answer button on the dashboard and said,

“Hello; Ola, speak up the windows are down”

A brief delay then,

“Sorry to bother you Lord Banks its Julie. I am just reminding you of your meeting with ‘Hello Magazine’

David downshifted the gearbox as the next bend approached and floored the throttle on the Aston Martin. The 235/50 rear tyres screeched as the torque loosened their grip on the hot Spanish tarmac,

“Yes Julie thank you I am on route as you can hear I’m sure”

Julie continued,

“Slow down LB your not James Stirling! Leave the heroics to your book writing. Also your personal fitness trainer has a new diet for you and a new workout, he wants to see you this afternoon, shall I schedule a meet for you?”

LB rocked his head left to right in thought and said,

“No cancel that Julie I’m not in the mood and I’m not sure how long ’Hello Magazine’ will want me for. I cant rush them this is good PR for the books”

A long straight section of road loomed ahead. The smooth road ran parallel to the Spanish coast high in the mountains of Malaga. LB floored the throttle and the speedometer shot to 120mph in no time. LB looked down at his Breitling Avaitor watch, it read 11.59 am.

The Aston Martin glinted in the baking sun as it turned into the car park for the ‘Mountain Retreat Restaurant’ LB locked the Aston Martin with his remote fob and caught a glimpse of his newly installed No plates ‘LB 1’ He saw the image of himself in the tinted windows of the restaurant. LB was dressed in Levi 501 Jeans and a white silk hand made Italian shirt. A thick Platinum chocker chain rested on his sun tanned chest.

The automatic doors opened and LB strode into the air conditioned lobby of restaurant. A young couple were remonstrating with the head waiter and struggling to get a table for lunch he heard the waiter say,

“I’m sorry sir for the last time I know its your wedding anniversary but this establishment is members only”

The head waiter caught sight of Lord Banks and said,

“Ah Lord Banks how nice to see you today. Follow me; your usual table is ready on the terrace, and a young lady is waiting for you she said she is from Hello Magazine”

LB smiled and made his way down the red carpet and into the sumptuous dining room. A circular chrome and Oak bar was central to the restaurant. A young waitress approached him with a silver tray and a complimentary glass of Champagne. LB took a sip of the cool Champagne and let the refined contents hit his stomach. He next opened the glass tinted door to the terrace area. In the corner of the terrace nearest to the sea was his regular table.

Seated waiting for him was a young tall beautiful reporter. The magazine photographer smiled. Then the slender reporter stood up and extended her hand and said,

“Hello Lord Banks. I’m Christie Chace form Hello Magazine I spoke to Julie your P.A. last week I’m so glad you could make it today”

LB smiled and shook hands and they sat down and took in the view. The sun was at its zenith and it was 102f on the terrace. The Mediterranean sea was cobalt blue and crested by small white imaginary sea horses. Sail boats mingled some 300ft below. LB broke the silence,

“I love this restaurant Christie its my favourite on the island. I became a member here after my first book ‘James Stirling the Beginning’ was made into a 3 part TV serial”

Christie took a sip of champagne and crossed her long legs and said,

“Oh that’s right and if I may say one of your best books Lord Banks”

LB nodded and said,

“Thank you Christie call me LB everyone does”

“Ok LB thank you. I hear you live on the island?”

LB finished his champagne flute and replied,

“Yes I do it’s a modest villa about 10 miles from here. I love it in fact I hate to leave it, Stirling Villa over looks the sea its amazing. I still get a thrill to open the curtains and take in the view. I have a study on the terrace there, its perfect for the imagination. The sea and the sun and the constant lapping of the waves is jaw dropping. I do all my writing their now”

Christie turned on her small voice recorder and continued,

“So LB where did your writing start?”

The waiter bought out a silver stand with a bottle of their finest champagne and poured the couple a drink. LB replied to Christie’s question,

“Oh right the beginning yes. Well I have always written from my school days in fact I wrote for my school magazine. I had a break from writing whilst I perused my career in the Motor Trade. Then after my health issues I started writing in earnest in 2004”

Christie nodded and smiled then said,

“What would you say was your break into the big-time of writing?”

LB looked out to sea and said,

“It was my first book for ‘Amazon Kindle E-Books’ I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. My first compilation book called ‘Outside The Airlock’ started to sell well in 2011. Then followed by my second book ‘Rotate Into Flight’ I guess I realised then that my writing career was set to bloom”

Two menu’s were set in front of LB and Christie. Christie chose the Squid whilst LB chose Duck’s Livers in the Chef’s special sauce. Christie continued,

“LB, how did the idea for your famous detective ‘James Stirling’ happen? And have you based the character on yourself as rumour has it?”

LB nearly spat out his champagne and said,

“Good God no James Stirling is a flawed but brilliant private detective. I am a middle age writer with two Titanium hips! In truthfulness James Stirling is a culmination of the best and worst parts of the great detectives in print, such as ‘Jason Bourne’ and ‘James Bond’ rolled in with ‘Sherlock Holmes’”

The meals were presented and the couple made small talk over their delicious meals. The photographer clicked away in silence and used the awesome backdrop of the Mediterranean sea to frame the picture for the cover of Hello Magazine. After the Sorbet Christie continued,

“Now this is a question from one of your fans. Do you style your dress etc on James Stirling. You have an Aston Martin just like James Bond in fact, and you live in an ocean view villa and wear expensive jewellery? Plus a little bird tells me you’re a member of a shooting range in Malaga?”

LB smiled and said,

“In all fairness I want to live the life of a successful writer. It was only 9 years ago that I lived in Yorkshire in an ex mining village and was struggling to keep a roof over my head. The Aston? Well it’s a damn fine car and I love cars its in my blood. My uncle and my father were both in the motor trade at some point in their lives. My love of fire arms also comes from my father he worked at ‘The Royal Small Arms Factory’ in Enfield where I grew up”

Another bottle of Champagne was produced and the conversation continued,

“So LB, what does the future hold for you? I heard rumours of another movie based on one of your novels?”

LB sucked air in and said,

“My manager will kill me for telling you this but yes. A major movie company has bought the rites to a James Stirling novel of mine. I can’t tell you which one or whom is playing James Stirling but its set to start filming next year”

The interview was nearly over suddenly LB said,

“Christie have you ever been in an Aston Martin Vantage?”

Christie blushed and shook her head. LB stood up and put out his hand. Christie took his hand and they wandered off towards the waiting Silver/Grey metallic Aston Martin. LB opened the passenger door and she sat in the leather sports seat gracefully. The photographer was clicking away with his ‘Nikon’ camera. LB thumbed the red starter button and the V12 engine burbled into life easily.

LB floored the throttle and the Aston spun around in a circle then headed for the exit. The sun shone through the tall pine trees as LB guided the super-car towards his luxury villa. Christie slowly put her hand on LB’s left thigh…..

In Yorkshire the postman dropped another Gas bill through the door and LB looked out of the back window of his terraced house. His 9 year old Ford Mondeo stared back! The waking dream was over, its all a dream except


Happy writing everybody one day our ship will come in!

Lord Banks


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author avatar johnnydod
20th Aug 2011 (#)

Hahahaha nice one LB great idea for a story, I guess we all dream, lets hope this one of yours will come true.

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author avatar Songbird B
20th Aug 2011 (#)

Excellent story, LB, you had me glued! Remember us when you are famous my friend! lol..

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
22nd Aug 2011 (#)

Great story LB. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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author avatar Denise O
23rd Aug 2011 (#)

Love it LB! LOL
The ending was down right perfect. Thank you for sharing.:)

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