A day in the life of an eleven year old girl

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I loved being an eleven year old and have written about those memories.

The Morning

Tisha was very irritated when she woke up early on holidays. These days rarely came but unfortunately today was one of those days.

An apparently crazed magpie seemed to think that sitting and tunelessly chirping outside Tisha’s window was the best thing to do that morning .An extremely irritated and angry Tisha threw open the window to cause enough noise to frighten the magpie away but not enough to waken her parents in the next room .She lay down again and tried to sleep but with no results. She sat down in the open window and let the cool morning wind caress her face. She switched on her bedside lamp and started reading a book.

After about an hour she started feeling hungry and went to the kitchen and made herself a cup of Horlicks .Along with the steaming cup of Horlicks she went back to the window to finish her book. After some time her father came to her room and was surprised to see her awake. Together they sat on the window and enjoyed the cool morning wind.

When her mother woke up ,Tisha’s parents had some tea ,while she read the newspaper .They all brushed their teeth and went to the dining room while Tisha’s mother toasted some bread, fried some sausages and poured some juice for all of them.

Tisha groaned as she remembered what she had to do next-Maths .She decided that she simply couldn't do Maths that hot day. Maths made her angry and irritated and scratch herself until it bled .Making the sweetest face she could make and with her sweetest face she said to her mother,” Mum, could I do Maths tomorrow instead of today? Please! I won’t trouble you at all!”But her mother simply said “No.”So making a face behind her mother’s back she got out her book and copy and did some Maths so that she could get rid of this terrible burden.

Half an hour later an irritated Tisha was putting away her books and was looking at the clock to see how long it was until eleven o’clock. She went to play at that time. There was still an hour and a half left so she told her mother that she had finished her Maths and that could she please read her book? After hearing a Yes and thousands of other conditions a delighted Tisha took up her copy of Harry Potter and the deathly hallows she began to read about all his quests to find the Horcruxes .She loved reading books. It was one thing her life that she couldn’t do without. Reading books, story books mind you, not study books, made her feel at peace .Just as she was about to reach an very interesting part, her mother called. Tisha wondered what it was about.

Her uncle wanted to chat with her. For the next hour she heard about all the exotic, delicious and disgusting food all her uncle had eaten. Soon it was eleven and her friend Tito called her to play. Tisha quickly said bye to her uncle and took her bat, tied her hair and went out to play. Tito’s friend Jozi had also come. They played cricket and after losing their ball they returned home. By that time it was twelve o’clock and the sun had reached its zenith.

TO BE CONTINUED............


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8th May 2015 (#)


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Takes you back to your own childhood days, nostalgic feeling!!

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