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Sometimes It is hard to read yourself. even harder to write yourself.

And She Died.

Now, January 11, 2015. I saw the first news feed of a girl whom I met at her training session. News feed has been written similarly to this in her language “Uncle has been passed away and pray for him, may Allah keep in peace.” I just give a try for consolation. She just told her condition to me with the Emoji’s. Chat off.
In 2010, When my sister admitted to a hospital for kidney diagnosis. I was working as a security guard for Pashupati Development Trust. There was no off.
My elder brother was always looking after her. I don’t know how easy or difficulties to take care of a patient for 19 days. The last night when she passed away, I was a lucky man in this world fortunately I went to meet her. My Brother was at hospital gate. Thin, carelessness’ hair and not trimmed beard. He just rolled his eyes at me.
"I just want to visit a park." His voice has too many hopelessness and frustration.
We sat on the middle of the park. There were too many people sitting, same like us who has their own type of misery or something that brought them to park to stare vainly. He sat in front of me as he bent his legs he threw his tiredness breath along.
“I did not call anybody else yet about sister’s condition. Today is the 19 days I am looking after her. And she is swelled too much and could not breath well. I think this is the last time we ever care for her as much. You know, this time we cannot take her back home.” As he finished I saw him with full of tears. I could not say anything because I was holding my hiccup. I was crying.
I ever seen a man crying and I ever experienced cry over an incident. I don’t know how to console myself. How to console him?
I was not hoping she will not be going back home. What my mother will do? When she will know the entire situation she had. How she will accept her daughter who went for study is dead. Because I know my mother is kind and soft hearted.
We were going back to the hospital. We bought orange for her. “She does not know anything just be fresh and be happy in front of her.” He told me.
I didn’t want to accept that we cannot take her back home. I asked him ”Dada, When I call her in the morning she told me she will be get well soon and will back to home.”
He just clarified me with his experiences with the doctor . ”You know when she was admitted the first time, how they took care her and the doctors used to encourage her each and every time.” He stopped a while. And continued” Now nobody cares, even nurses. They only did not tell ‘She is going to die.’ We reached the hospital.
She was lying on the bed. One man around 35 aged was talking with her. She was full white-faced suppose she does not have blood in her body.
“He is the father of next bed girl. She was sent to diagnose.” My brother just gave unfair info of the man.
“Kanchha, ke chha?”(My younger brother, how are you?). It sounds me smoothed and loving voice supposed she never asked me. I think this was not my sister’s voice that I heard. I think, She was forcing her inner power to produced her voices. The man left.
I sit on the bench which was parallel to her bed. I just slowly touched her hand. It was like her swollen had been gone. Her hand was very thin. I never see her like this powerless and thin. But the r est of her body was swollen and cover with the sheet. She saw me her urine bottle that was collected almost 24 hours was half a bottle in a litter.
“How are you feeling?” I asked.
She told me a length of things “ Kanchha, do not tell anybody else that I am admitted to hospital. I came here to study. People will laugh, I want to show something to the people, too many people have been insulted me because of my disease." As I nodded she continued. "You know, today I talked to mother and sisters. I told them I took admission to a private college and I am in class. You know, mother was crying. But I just cheated them when I go back home with the college certificate I will gladly tell them the fact and they don't believe because I will be healthy that time." I don't know, Why she is talking a lot like she don’t have time. I was just listening her. Brother left for the preparation of the meal.
She showed an empty bed and continued. “That bed is empty after a boy was successfully got diagnosed. He was discharged. But He did not have that much problem. He has only kidney stone. You know I have nephritic- syndrome that means both kidneys is not in the condition sometimes works sometimes not. That's why it took longer." I just stretched my hand it just touched her left side leg. “Ahhh!!!!" she cried. "Don't touch the leg. it is swollen too much and too much paining." She stops talking and I could see her paining on the face expression. I just removed the sheet to see her leg. It was not only swollen. There was the pattern of dried blood on her skin. It seemed like a dead-vein. I covered her leg again. My brother came. She took full of bowl chicken gravy.
“Daju(big brother), Just anxious with me because I don’t eat well, see today I eat too much, see.” She was talking like a kid.
"You will be fine, my sister, I will sell everything what I have if you recovered soon. Just try to overtake your disease with your will and meals." He promised. My brother loves us much. Even today. "I will sell my kidney if there is a need."
It was almost 6 o'clock when she finished her meal. One of the nurse came and gave her medicine. She made ready to use oxygen pipe in necessary. As the nurse left , my sister started the diarrhea. Unusual. My brother continually kept changing her diaper. She was continually insisting on getting showered.
“kanchhi(younger sister), There is no water in the bathroom. Tomorrow morning you get showered." Brother sent me to check shower room for so-called-proof. I called a nurse. She came and she gave an injection. After sometimes her diarrhea has stopped. Around 10 o'clock, we tried to take a nap.
There was a noisy and I was feeling like a dream. What was going on? My brother was crying and asking ” Do you hear me?”
She replied.” Ahhh!" her voices like she even did not have the power to tell yes. And she is still in conscious. Nurses are using all kind of vaccine. But all of the vaccines did not work. We can see the nurses face expression. They were calling specialist doctor who was taking care of her. My brother was keep asking "Do you know me?"
And her reply was “yes, you are my brother.”
If he did not ask anything she would start her eyes rolling up and talking unconsciously the things never happened in her life. My brother just tried to keep her awake. Sometimes I used to play my brother’s role. And he kept on insisting nurses to use every medicine to awake her or to save her.
Until that time she was in a coma, and can't speak and even may be cannot listen. she was with oxygen pipe now due to the breathing problem. It was a critical situation. She was prepared to admit in ICU. It was in the ground floor. We were in 3 rd floor.
We met the doctor in the ground floor while we came out from the elevator. Doctor pushed her breast 2-3 times. He checked the oxygen. And he called the peon to a corner and shouted him.
Later, we knew that oxygen was not on when we were in the elevator. After one hour, she was announced "DEAD".
Now we call everyone, who are around and near us. My home was 500 km far from Kathmandu.
In the evening, we were going back home without her, without her degree but with her death certificate. And she was 23. How my mother will react? How everything will go on? Or how my sisters will react? Who know she was in the hospital rather than in college ?
I just wanted to tell there is not many things to be sad if people will die after 50. This is the age of dying beauty. I think, I will die between 50 to 60. If I die between this .people should think I had a lot of time to live on. If I die before it means I could not live longer.

I don’t know she comes in my mind occasionally to keep me awake all the night. And I could not sleep.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Jan 2015 (#)

Life has no fixed plans. Man proposes, God disposes. May you and family be strong - siva

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author avatar GenkiWorld
12th Jan 2015 (#)

those news are always so sad and when it hits close to the heart, they can indeed keep us awake with resurfaced sorrow for a night or more.

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author avatar bipurna
12th Jan 2015 (#)

Life coincidentally changing its value with the time,incident and circumstances around us. We try to build up ourselves strong but we become more weak . Thank you - Siva.

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