A faceless intruder

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Scaffolds are risky for neighbours that live in an old building that requires to be refurbished as anyone will be able to climb up to break in, so they were told.

A faceless intruder

Gloria lived in one of these buildings that have stood up for centuries. They were built of magnificent stone to last for an eternity. However, and despite they are part of a city's heritage, they have to be minded as though they were an old granfather with his ailments, but a lot of stories to tell us.

The council had urged them to do important repairs on the roof. The works had to start strightaway or they would be fined so it was said in a letter by the council officers.

The builders started to bring their tools, machinery and the scaffold that they were going to set up from the ground to the top flats. They'd also warned them, because robbers used to use these scaffolds to climb up and to break in the flats.

"Mind that all windows are closed!" the workers had recommended them.

It was Summer and the majority of her neighbours had gone on holidays, so, in the building, there were only Gloria and the deaf old lady that lived in the fourth floor.

The minute Gloria arrived home, she toured around to see that everything was in order. They had removed part of the roof and she could see the street and the sky above her. It was a a view as beautiful to watch as it was scary.

She prepared her diner and, being so hot, she decided to have a cool shower and to lay in bed to read some pages of her novel after her meal.

There, laying on her bed, she got engrossed in the story. Then, as she had a fag in between her read when she heard the sound of some newspaper sheets that were on the floor of the attic room that was next to hers. They seemed to swirl around in the room because of a sudden summery breeze, but she didn't bother about it.

“It's what we need on such a night!" she thought.

The newspaper sheets swirled and then, they stopped swirling, but, shortly after, she saw that the light of the room switched on and it switched off.

“Ah, this can't be the breeze! There's someone in there!”

She closed the book and sat up on the bed.

She lit one more cigarette to keep calm, but her hands were shaking with fear.

What to do if someone had climbed up using the scalffold and had gone inside her flat? To whom could she ask for help? The old lady would be already in full sleep and top of that she was as deaf as a wall.

Should she face the intruder?

She hesitated. Then, she went into the sitting room that faced the inner patio. She opened the window to see that it was pitch dark and there was no sound of a human being.

She tip-toed back to the corridor that led to the attic room and stopped. Then, she went back to her bedroom to fetch for one more cigarette. She lit it, sitting on the edge of her bed. A cold sweat ran along her spine. What to do? she thought repeatedly. Should she face the intruder or should she leave to go in search for help?

“Who's there?” she yelled out. She was still shaking. “Who's there?”

After some minutes, she heard a man's voice.

“I've nowhere to live.”


“I've nowhere to live.”

“Get out stright-away! Get out! This a private home!”

“But I've nowhere to live.”

“Get out from here! Go to the railway station or to the airport or __ I'll call the police!”

She heard the man, grumbling. He seemed to have stood up, because the newspaper sheets swirled again. Then, he ran to the hole that had once been a window to escape.

Gloria remained in the corridor that led to the attic room, still trembling with fear. The intruder had no face for her, because she hadn't seen a bit of him, but his image, sleeping against the wall that separated her bedroom from the attic room made her shudder.

She went to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. Then, she walked to the front door, but to whom was she going to go to if only to talk with someone and to get calm? There was nobody except for the old lady. She stopped and went back to the corridor and to the room to check it.

The furniture had been piled up against one of the tallest walls. The floor was covered with newspaper sheets and it seemed that the lad had been eating, because there were crumbs and a greasy paper.

He'd gone! Phew!

She'd been lucky, though, because it could have been worse, she thought.

She looked up to see a dark and starry sky and an almost full moon. Down below, some night souls walked about in the street.

“Thanks God, he's gone!”

When she went back to her bedroom, she was still shocked. She laid on the bed, but she found it hard to fall asleep, thinking of that lad of whom she hadn't seen a bit of him.

"What if __?" Fortunately, he'd gone peacefully and Gloria fell asleep at long last.

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