A free man's history

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This man says he became a free man when he embraced education and culture while he was in jail.

A free man's history

Eleuterio Sanchez aka ''El Lute'' said that he became a free man the minute he started to study, because and as he says, culture is what makes us free people.
This man knows a lot of lack of culture and, obviously, about poverty and hardships. He also knows a lot of being behind bars, because he spent many years in jail until on one day, he was released free.
He was born in a shanty town near Salamanca in Spain. His family earned their living, selling all sorts of paraphernalia in the surroundings and his father was in jail.
In 1965, he robbed a jewlery shop for the first time with the result of one of the guards being dead and he was condemned to death, but his death sentence was changed for a life one.
When he went to prison at the age of 22, he couldn't read or write, but it was in jail where he learned this basic skill. However, he didn't stop here, but he went further to study Law, passed all his exams and qualified as a lawyer. When he was released from jail, he also worked in a prestigious solicitor's office.
His early life was, therefore, one of robberies, robbed cars, races and fights with the police, but as well as one of sheer poverty until he entered in jail and decided to embrace education and culture. Not only he learned to read and to write and to qualify as a lawyer (to assume his own defence) but he also wrote several autobiographical books, being the latest one published in 2013 where he tells us that resisting means winning.
This man's history shows us that when a person is born in a shanty town, lacking everything, this person is likely to do what he did in his early youth. It was, as he yelled out to jail guards, a shit of a life and that wasn't the life he wanted. They could kill him if it was what they wanted to do with him, because he had had a shit for a life and it wasn't the one he wanted.
One wonders how many children like him are in other shanty towns whom given a chance wouldn't steal, kill or be on drugs.
Life isn't good or bad, but it is what we make of it, but to have a good life, all of us need an opportunity from the very beginning.

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