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A eulogy for America. Where will freedom reign once extinguished here?

Exceptional in every way

A close friend of mine died today. He lived a long, long, life filled with adventure, intrigue and the stuff you read in the history books. During his birth he beat the odds and many said he should not have survived. When he was a child, others left him mostly alone, not sure what to make of his odd ideas, manners and customs. He was blessed with a good place to live filled with abundance, and was raised by parents that respected God and family.

As a young adult he grew strong, powerful and self-confident. Some would even say he was arrogant at times. He was also known to be cruel and selfish in his youth. However life’s experience would teach him hard lessons, and he learned from his mistakes. Slowly over time his character was built with confidence to overcome any obstacle. His can do attitude won him much adulation from his peers.

He became a fierce warrior with the heart of a lion out of necessity for survival. Others would soon call for his help frequently and he always answered their call. He would be forced to fight in wars and conflicts overseas seeing firsthand the cruelty and barbarity men could inflict upon others but it did not change his character instead making him only stronger and wiser as he continued to age. He offered refuge to many who had no place left to go and hope to those who needed it. He was industrious, compassionate, and generous with his time and money. In every way he was exceptional. He was admired by his friends and respected by his enemies.

Death and remembrance

As the years passed he grew happy and content and sired many children. Over time however as with many prosperous families, his children grew complacent, fat and lazy. Having not experienced the same challenges and hardships that their father had experienced, the same ones that built his character; they became weak and insecure.

His children frequently ignored their father’s warnings and lessons and ridiculed his past mistakes. They chose to spend their inheritance foolishly and squander the good will their father had built up with his many friends over the years. They welcomed their father’s old enemy’s ideas into their hearts and into their children's minds and borrowed money they could not pay back from those same enemies.

Resentment grew and eventually displeased and disgusted with their father and his ways, they dispatched him while he slumbered. His children celebrated their new found “freedom” from their father proclaiming his old ideas were slowing their progress and that with him gone their direction was certain.

However, seeing what my friend's children had done, my friend’s old enemies no longer were afraid of my friend's family and rose up against the house their father had built with blood, sweat and treasure and destroyed them all, taking their lands, their livelihoods and their freedom forever.

I shall miss my friend America, as will most of the world as there has never been a country quite like it before in history and we are not likely to see one like it ever again.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” - Abraham Lincoln


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