A ghost dressed in green?

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A true ghost story from my childhood, the day a ghost in green stood next to me.

A ghost dressed in green?

One day when i was about 15 i was visiting a friend, she lived with her granny, the door knocked and i went to answer it, it was the friend of the family's so i let her in and we all went to sit down and have a chat.

After a little while the visitor looked at me and asked me where my little brother was.

i replied that i didn't have a little brother, and she looked confused.

she said that when i had answered the door there was a little boy about 8 stood next to me, he said he was dressed all in a dark green, and had a dark green cap on.

When we managed to convince her that there was no little boy in the house she just laughed and said "never mind it must have been a ghost."

She explained that she worked in the local hospital and that she saw ghosts all the time.

I remember jumping up and running home, proper pooing my pants.

When i got home i told my mum and she just replied be careful in case that ghost follows you.

This scared me even more so its no wonder that night i had a nightmare, well i think it was a nightmare.

I dreamed that i woke up and it was still dark, and by my bedroom door there was a pulsating object, it was glowing a greeny colour and it really scared me so i just put my duvet over my head and forced myself to go back to sleep.

To this day i don't know if i had dreamed that i had woken up but was really still dreaming or whether it was real and that little boy in greens spirit had followed me home.


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author avatar Sherri Granato
25th Aug 2014 (#)

At least green is a friendly color. Great story.

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