A lady that helped men to start anew

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Read to find out how this lady that calls herself a non governmental organization has helped 180 men to redo their lives.

A lady that helped men to start anew

I always reconcile with human race when I read stories such as this one.
Gloria is now 60 years old. In the past, she was a well paid stewardess working for a State controlled airliner. As her mother told her, when she'd decided to create her own non governmental organization, she could live very well on the job she had. Some of her friends told her that she was crazy and she lost many of them.
It was on a day when she had arrived at the railway station when she saw many men sleeping on cartons. They weren't children nor were they very old. Since that day, she decided to take a house to offer a roof to anyone that didn't have one.
Up till now she's had 180 men in her house that she regards them as her sons.
Most of these sons of hers were alcoholics, drug addicts or thieves, but in recent years, she's welcomed to educated people holding a university degree that for one reason or another they have found themselves without a job or a home.
In her house, she has obviously rules and there're controls on drugs or alcohol. she helps them to not just listening to what these misfits have to tell her, but in offering them options that exist to start up again in a new and fresh lifestyle.
If some of them can hardly read or write, she'll tell them that they have to take on a course on general education that will enable them to get a job.
One of her ''sons'' was a car thief, but when she'd found him a job as a guard in a garage, he told her that he couldn't take on such a job, because it was way too tempting, looking at that board with keys of Mercedes or BMW cars.
''You can. I trust you''.
He did and he got a permanent contract.
This is what it's usually said when someone aims to help people in distant lands not knowing if what one sends in, is going to be used well. I agree, because on these days corruption has reached to many of these non governmental organizations and we can't be sure if what little we send them in is going to be used on those people that need help most.
She's spent a fortune trying to save men from drugs, alcohol and homelessness that were nearby her. Some may have died and a couple of them tried to kill her, but the rest of her 180 sons are on the road for a better living.

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