A lesson from wild life for child development

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There is a very valuable lesson from wild life in child education. As children grow, everything they do becomes a step in their progression. Every activity they are engaged in helps build the essential skills that they will need in future. But often times, blinded by pure love towards these lovely children, we interfere with the nature’s law and cause serious flaws in the child development. Before I make my point any clearer, allow me to bring some illustrations from the wild animals’ scenario.

Survival of infant whale

Not so long ago, the National Geography (NeoWild) TV show broadcast a short movie where a mother whale saves the life of her infant. Save is a rather misleading word here because what really happened is that mother whale taught the infant whale how to survive. The infant whale, in process of hunting, was carried off the water to the shore and could not swim back into the sea. He screeched and mother whale heard him. Mother whale swooped off the water as far onto the shore as the infant. And then, the mother whale made powerful swings with her strong tail and slipped back into the sea. The commenter said that the infant whale could mimic his mother and safe himself or die their within an hour. The infant whale made powerful swings with his tail just like his mother did and survived.

Lessons taught in all wild animals...

The same can be said of all other animal kinds. Take, for example, bears. Mother bear always leads her cubs into the stream and teaches how to fish or how to catch a flying fish. It is not very common that the mother bear catches the fish and gives to her cubs. Often times, she teacher her children how to do it so that the children learn and feed themselves.

Back to humans...

It is hard to draw the same conclusion about the humans, however. Today, humans have become so blinded by their love for their children that often times they just take the burden off their children’s shoulders and bear it themselves, while leaving their children without the most important lessons of acquiring new skills and knowledge. Take the simplest case of tying shoe laces. In my class, very few students know how to do it. When I ask the other children why they don’t know how to tie their shoe laces, the simple and common response from them is: “My mom does it for me.


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14th Jul 2012 (#)

Hmm, nature versus nuture, huh?

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