A letter to you

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I met someone in life. We had to keep in touch from a distance. He never bothered and this is what I had to tell him before I left him, for good.

A letter to you

Dear FB,

I dont know you, yet I want to know you
I want to know you, yet you dont let me
I still ask and you keep me ignored.....

Distance makes the heart grow fonder they say....
But how can one become fond when the other keeps pushing you away!

I did not want to get involved with anyone, I needed time to deal with myself and my life before even considering looking for another guy, I tried to fight it, let it go, even guilt myself out of liking you. Nothing worked, it wouldnt go away, it grew stronger the more I fought it. I started to analyze the situation to try and clarify what I was thinking and feeling, every woman has a picture of her " perfect ideal man " stored away in her head, you were as close as I've ever experienced to that picture, almost an exact replica physically, mentally, emotionally......

Yet again...you fail my tests...you say...you are trying...while I can see you never made even a tiny bit of what I can call an effort...

I wish you did...just to impress me a bit..(but still no)

Here I am, in the verge of leaving you...and this is my last letter of the endless long depressing letters i have written to you.I cant go on anymore...I am only human..

I have done my bit...you cant take me for granted always...I tried. You failed me..I am sorry.

Best to you always,



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