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Ancient Egypt has always been of interest, and it seems even more so now than ever before. Read on to find out a little information on ancient Egyptian mythology.

Egyptian myth

Out of all the many different times in history, ancient Egypt seems to be one time which many people are interested in. Over in the UK where I live, our museums are full of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Like any good rich mythology, Egyptian myth has it's creation stories.

It may be that the ancient Egyptian mythology dates back all the way to 4000 BC, when these lands were inhabited by farmers. Each different part of ancient Egypt would worship their own gods, so their different stories and theology merged as it spread through out the lands. This has led to there being many versions, and some of their gods are the same just in different forms.

Egyptian creation myth

Egyptian creation mythology says that in the beginning, the universe was filled with nothing but deep dark waters. The first Egyptian god was Ra, he was the sun god and known as the god of the light. It is said that it was a blue lotus flower which landed on Nun (the waters of chaos), unfurled its petals and revealed the great Ra. It was said that Ra then went on to create the whole world and everything in it.

Once the world was made, so were it's first gods. From Ra's spittle, Shu the god of air and Tefnut the goddess of water were created into being. One day Shu and Tefnut ventured off and got lost, and Ra had to send his eye out to find them. It was said that when the two were finally found that it brought the great Ra to tears, it was these tears which then created people.

Shu and Tefnut had two baby's, Nut the sky goddess and Geb the earth god. The story goes that Ra the sun god used to live with humans. It is said that when he grew older, the humans rebelled against him. This led to him moving away and living in the sky. Ra was raging with the humans for them rebelling against him. So much so he sent Sekhmet, the goddess of war to end them. It was the other gods and goddesses though, who stepped in and stopped it, saving human kind.

The hieroglyphic writing system

What the ancient Egyptians used to call religion, we now call mythology. We know their mythology because they recorded their ideas, using the hieroglyphic writing system. It is thought that when the upper part of Egypt and the lower part merged together united as one, that the hieroglyphic system was invented around 3000 BC.

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author avatar writestuff
12th Apr 2015 (#)

An interesting, informative and enjoyable article. Thanks for sharing your research.

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author avatar M G Singh
13th Apr 2015 (#)

I love Mythology. Great post

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author avatar spirited
14th Apr 2015 (#)

I wonder why Christianity only tried to keep to the one God.

Most other religions have multiple ones, and yet the bible, way back in Genesis, talks about the Christian God there in the plural too.

Genesis, chapter1, verse 26,

Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness.

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author avatar micheal
15th Apr 2015 (#)

I have always found that verse very interesting too, it beggers the question do I look like god? And if so, what and who really is god? Thanks for the comment spirited

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks Micheal. What we believe now could be termed as mythology later. Nothing is abstract till we have scientific proof - the twain of beliefs and science might never meet! siva

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author avatar micheal
7th Jul 2015 (#)

I agree siva, thanks for the comment

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