A long Walk

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Just an exchange of emotions between an ailing father and his son.

A long Walk

He wakes up with the very first glimpse of the sun.
He tries to remember, what he dreamt off but his memory is the culprit.
Those few good words of love now eludes him, his soulmate is missing.
The legs are shivering, hands are searching for the vision
All the dreams and desires have been done and dusted with
Few more breaths are his friends, an end of an affair is about to come, he presumes.
Some unwanted burden is bogging him down, doubts are creeping in
At the flag end of his life he seeks for his son who is a busy bee nowadays
Fortunately, today he(son) is there for him
The old man wants to walk with him, asking with pleading eyes
The emotional connect rekindles after a long time
Finally the long walk begins, the ice between the two is gradually melting
His (son) heart is filled with childhood memories
Those carefree days when he knew nothing about anything
Even the single penny that he spent had the blessings of his father
All his wishes became his quest but all of them were fulfilled
The question whether he lived up to his father's expectation is now mounting
There are tears in his ailing father's eyes, separation anxiety is probably the reason
Was he a good father? Was he able to do enough for his family? Did he make any mistake realizing his son's dreams and desires?
Brimming emotions have overshadowed the clarity of words
Going down the memory lane he is telling his son what he stood for in his life
For him,hardships and blessings have gone for a sleep now but the journey of his son has just begun
Clouds of guilt are hovering over his Son.Guilt of not loving and caring his father enough, guilt of not being there in his days of solitude
He is ready to leave the materialistic world for his father now but the truth of life is bitter
All the grievances from the past are gone now, the circle of life is complete, only the roles have reversed
Father and Son are blessed now.
The ailing old man has found a new zeal and a new purpose.Purpose of having those long walks again and again which brought his son back to him.

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author avatar Retired
20th Sep 2011 (#)

For children breathe no life to all,
As they in creativity do stand tall.
They look at life in a positive way,
Wonder why after night comes day.

It is but their whys and wherefore of things,
That creates a will and heart does sings.
For it brings in the anthem of hope,
That in life does help them cope.

It is the power of past memories,
To think and look back at savouries.
For that is when they see the joy,
Appreciate the life that they did enjoy.

To walk a child on an unknown beach,
To pluck a flower just beyond reach.
To kiss their wound when they do cry,
To run and catch up with a smle and sigh.

It is the beauty of feeling young,
The anthem of the mind in a tune sung.
Children take you back to your younger days,
To re-examine life and to change your ways.

Then create answers to determine what you did,
Why you a little tale from world hid.
When did it happen, why its eched in mind,
What made it the best memory one could find.

That is the essence of walking with child,
The anthem of looking back to your own meek and mild.
To draw out experiences that are one of a kind,
To build a learning is the work of the mind.

Children are the nearest to God,
They bring in ploughshares from ways of sword.
They have time to imagine and look up high,
Create dreams and then fly to sky.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) 21st December 2011

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author avatar Delicia Powers
20th Sep 2011 (#)

Beautiful Ashutosh

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author avatar Songbird B
21st Sep 2011 (#)

Heartfelt, Ashutosh, and really well written. It reminds me of prose in the style that it is told..

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author avatar Retired
21st Sep 2011 (#)

Touching, Thanks for sharing

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author avatar Maria Malone
22nd Sep 2011 (#)

Very lovely Asutosh, well done!

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