A magical dance

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A dance of a mad girl with the love of her life as she thought.

A magical dance

Across the room, danced someone.
With a perfect flawless body, moved that one.
Wasn't a perfect guy he,
Still in awe, saw she.

Swayed he with all his energy,
Sang he with all the melody,
Whirled like a perfect belly mover,
he was of-course her keeper.

For now all she knew,
he was someone brand new.
stubborn got she,
for all she saw now was he.

He was attractive,
Charasmatic was he.
with a clueless mind,
Her imaginations went wild.

She wanted to touch him,
She wanted to feel him,
She wanted to know him,
like nobody ever did.

In fraction of seconds,
He was close to her,
With open wounds,
He stood beside her.

He took her soft hand in his,
Draped her in his arms,
In dim candle light,
He took her away from everyone's sight.

He wanted her to be his,
He wanted her to love him,
He wanted to be the world for her,
And nobody around her.

Events after events,
She stared solitude,
As days turned into years,
Only darkness became her constant.

She now knew his aura,
Still kissed his wounds,
She dared to give him a chance,
She still wanted to take a chance.

Turned his mysterious eyes onto her,
she fearlessly stepped up,
He asked for one more dance,
She still tried for him.

Magically, He swayed,
Blindfolded, she moved,
In a perfect rhythm,
And In total harmony.

A scary scene it was,
A mad girl she was,
But only she knew her devil,
And only he knew his cure.


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author avatar ScatteredPages
An ambivert person who is lost in Alice's wonderland trying to find her mad hatter, white rabbit and herself... :)

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
12th Apr 2018 (#)

Perfectly to Music,
They danced to beat.
Showing the Love,
With no deceit.
Bringing in forever,
In Arms so true.
Message of Silence,
Saying I Love You.

Silently he held it,
Her invisible Hand.
Showing the world,
None did understand.
The love and truth,
The Dance of Dream.
As Tears of Silence,
Did finally Stream.

Would you love ME,
Just as I am.
The beauty of life,
Blue Pearl in Clam.
Silently reflecting,
The colours on High.
Bringing the shades,
Of the Heavens Sky.

The Sun looked up,
With Golden Helm.
Wearing the armour,
Of Heavenly realm.
As all of Creation,
Felt gravity of love.
As we silently pulled,
The One Above.

Sending insanity,
Right back to source.
Bringing the truth,
Without remorse.
Showing no other,
Could hold that hand.
That loved in forever,
From a Distant Land.

With that the Lady,
Visible became.
Showing the truth,
Now bearing her name.
No More Darkness,
Is the Eternal Flower.
Bringing all insanity,
Into Fury of shower.

Leading all back,
To feel the dream.
As tears of truth,
Now finally stream.
As all now wish,
And vie for that love.
They only see dreams,
Of the One Above.

Meant for the One,
Who sacrificed it all.
Leaving this world,
With tears to fall.
For all she wanted,
Was that One Hand.
And Anklet of Cruelty,
Never did understand.

With that she removed,
The Last leg brace.
Vanishing Silently,
Without a trace.
Becoming invisible,
Just for that Soul.
Who loved her dearly,
In True and Whole.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 12th April 2018

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