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There are more mobile phones than people on the planet. How did we ever get by without them?

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It is believed that there are three mobile phones for every person on the planet. That is about eighteen billion phones and counting!
Mobile phones have been around, as in, available to the general public, since the eighties.
Since the inception of the first Motorola brick-like devices, the mobile phone has evolved to such a degree and with such speed, as to become almost unrecognisable from the first, poor battery life, cumbersome, erratic signaled, devices.
These days, mobile phones are mini computers, doing everything from word processing, e-mails and calculations to texting and even, occasionally being used for phone calls!
The mobile phone is here to stay and, for all intents and purposes, are practically indispensable to modern life. Most people are more likely to forget their house keys, than their mobile phone.
Like the internet and computers, mobile phones have changed the world. As they became more widespread and more mobile operators sprung up, the price of using them came down. These days, if you ask a person for their telephone number these days, it is likely that they will reel off a mobile phone number, as opposed to a landline.
If you ride on a bus or any mode of public transport, you will, no doubt be close to somebody engaged in conversation with probably somebody else on a mobile phone!
They have been both a blessing and a curse. For the ever increasing, single persons, in cities, they keep loneliness at bay. Also, it is rare that a person cannot be contacted.
On the downside, people seem to lose any sense of self preservation when talking on their mobile. I have routinely seen people cross roads, with no knowledge or suspicion of the car thundering toward them. People can also keep their world small, never seeing the world around them, as they are so absorbed in text on talk. All the friends they have, feel they ever need, are in their mobile phone. People check e-mails, text, even check their phones when they have not been alerted.
I suppose the reason people are so enamoured of their phones is, they allow you to be yourself. No one can see your expression or challenge your version. There is no need to put on a facade. On a mobile, anonymous by virtue of distance, you can be free.


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author avatar Funom Makama
22nd Nov 2011 (#)

Well said brother, especially in the developing regions where we see it not as a necessity but a luxury, Mobile phones are also a yardstick for competition n 'self-status' Great work!

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