A new thing everyday

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Fed up with your routine? Have a look on your daily life and see what you could do differently.

A new thing everyday

After having had a horrible night sleep because of the heat without no breeze at all, on the next morning I got up fairly early, had a cold shower, got dressed and I went out to have breakfast. I usually have breakfast in the comfort and quietude of my flat, which also comes cheaper, but I decided that I couldn't stay any longer at home.
In Summer, the heat takes us out of the bed soon.
Outside, it was even cooler and breezier than at home. The streets were quiet and they had been cleaned.
I walked to a nearest coffee shop where they have air conditioning. It's also a bakery shop that also make the bread the slow way.
Listening to the sound of their coffee machine was comforting as well as the cling of saucers, cups and glasses being placed on customers' trays or on shelves.
There, sitting on my high stool, I indulged on my freshly ground cup of coffee as well as a freshly baked croissant and an equally freshly squeezed orange juice.
I realized how attractive was the view from that stool that I was sitting on. The coffee shop is on a corner and upfront there's one of the main streets that on Sundays has the stalls of the flea market.
After having finished my breakfast, I walked down of this street to sit on one of the stone benches to have a cigarette. It was still quiet with few people that had, perhaps, had the same idea, or were those who always have a morning stroll.
This has been the new thing that breaks my everyday routine to let me start a new day on better spirits.
More often than not we complain about routine, but we seldom do anything to change our daily routine. Yet, it is easy. A small new thing done can make our day to sparkle.
Have your breakfast outside if you're used to have it inside.
Dress differently if you're one of those to put on anything that you grab out of the wardrobe.
Change your usual streets to walk in others where you hardly ever walk....
There are many things that we could change from our daily life that can let us start a day on better spirits.
Think of your daily life and see if there's something that could be change.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Jul 2015 (#)

Yes life does get monotonous but we have the power to make subtle changes that matter. I am in Asia where summer lasts and lasts! siva

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author avatar Bridget o Sullivan
22nd Jul 2015 (#)

A very uplifting article , full of very concise descriptive paragraphs which makes one feel they are there . Excellent !

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
22nd Jul 2015 (#)

Varity is the spice of life. We must try out new things to add zing to lfe.

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author avatar WOGIAM
22nd Jul 2015 (#)

You are spot on, only us can make the changes in our lives and routines to make things different and more fun.

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