A new way to collect money?

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Energy certificates in households could be a new tax in disguise.

A new way to collect money?

All of us want to be warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer in our own home, don´t we?
If it´s Winter, as it is now in many parts of the world, we´ll make sure that windows and doors are closed properly. We´ll try to have our home as warm as we can. Some people have central heating, but others (like myself) have heaters that work with a gas bottle, which is delivered when needed and they take them wherever they are to stay in the house. It isn´t a comfortable way to warm up a house. We know this, but it´s one that many people on a low income can afford and there are others that can´t simply afford to warm up their "nests" because of redundancies, losses of jobs and austerity imposed by governments. These people are growing in numbers every day, I´m afraid.
Many of us are using low cost bulbs and try to be careful on hot water or electric appliances use as we don´t wish to receive a fat bill.
Now, the trend in many countries is an energy certificate in households. A technician will call on us to have a check on our house. They might make a list of all faulty things -windows, doors, domestic appliances and so on and so forth. They´ll give you a certificate bearing some coloured stickers with a letter. Thus, if they grant us a green one with an A, it means that our home is excellent as far as energy use is concerned. If we get a red one bearing an E... Ouch! We ought to change that!
They´ll tell us that it isn´t compulsory, but they´ll kindly coerce us to change all faulty things on accounts of wishing to sell or to rent. Of course, we aren´t obliged to, but this will be an asset to our homes, they tell us. However, such assets aren´t free and we might be on a difficult financial situacion...
I´m starting to think if this thing of an energy certificate isn´t a new governmental way to get money or a new tax in disguise.

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