A pair of poems about my dog.

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A pair of poems about my dog. They are being submitted to a contest.


My dog, she sleeps abnormally
She flops down on her back
Extends her paws quite formally.
They're white; all else is black.

No, not quite all. Let's set things right.
Her neck is white as snow.
Her belly and her butt are white.
In sleep she wants those parts to show.

Perhaps she dreams contentedly,
But how am I to know?
What fantasies do puppies see
That fascinate them so?

I coughed and she looked up at me
And gave her tail a thump
I offered an apology
And scratched her on the rump.

She growled a doggy platitude
(she’s not yet learned to speak).
And with forgiving attitude
She licked me on the cheek.

It's very hard to calculate
The comfort we can find,
The love that we reciprocate
When scratching dog's behind.


Our puppy is a Havanese--
A lively black and white one.
She walks on her hind legs with ease
And shakes hands with the right one.

Should I arrive alone at night
Assuming no one’s there,
She rises up to two-leg height
And greets me on the stair.

The upstairs light I turn to on,
This Queen of Hearts canine
Starts scratching till an itch is gone
By rolling on her spine.

She bites her teddy by the neck
And hurls it o’er her shoulder
To warn me what I can expect
From her when she grows older.

I love you dog, I swear I do.
Although you bark and snuffle so
You’re faster than a kangaroo
And eat less than a buffalo.


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