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Im a 19 year old girl, and i just want to write poems



Cant shake this feeling in my stomach,
That sick anxious feeling every moment,

That i cant tell you what tomorrow will look like,
That my morals are slipping from whats wrong and right,

That i haven't even started what should have been done,
That I'm going to get to it but never have , is what i tell everyone

That i Use to be HUNGRY for it,
Now my drive doesn't even show

That what happen to me, ....i don't even know
The list is getting longer and i have nothing to show for,

From the outside in, .... looks like she doesn't care anymore
When they pep talk me..they think i don't listen,.....their words are like another plate in my sink full of dishes

Like the problems in my life i got to wash em out... Then you get to that bowl with the hole,... that... you just have to throw out

That applies to bad company, They are no good to you
They will poke a hole in your bowl to drain the success from you

And before you know it you'll end up ..just like them,
now you're being thrown away ..just like them

Reverse all the damage that has been done
You start by doing them dishes one by one

You write your list of failed attempts,
Crossing them out to get closer to the dream you dreamt

As your list gets smaller, so does that feeling in your stomach
Now you don't get that sick anxious feeling every moment

Now that your sink is clean like soul ...the gunk is all gone
The next time it refills.. gunk like people, turn the garbage disposal on...

-Brittany Thompson


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A 19 year old girl who wants to write poetry. .

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