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These are some more of my more recent musings, some are a departure from my normal structure.
I hope you all enjoy

“The Journey” by Jerry E Smith ©10/13/16

The sun will be arriving soon;
The day about to begin.
Always remember; it isn’t
The destination that’s important.
It is the journey getting there that matters.
What you do and how you do it, are at least
If not more important, than the end result.
Make your journey fun and meaningful.
Make the world and the people you
Encounter better as you pass by.
Try to leave only good memories
Along your way, knowing you are
Growing as you go, getting better
Every Day.

“The Journey” by
Jerry E Smith

“Floating Awareness” by Jerry E Smith ©10/9/16

My awareness floats effortlessly above the froth and
Confusion of the world below. I cannot let it effect
Me, all the negativity must stay outside. I must
Do my best to live as a good man, in a world
That doesn’t always encourage that. It is as
We make it, so if we each do our best to
Make the world around us better than
We find it, how can we not succeed?
There are seven billion people now.
If seven billion people all work as
One, it would be overwhelming.
We cannot let a few elitists,
Keep us divided, those at
The top who through
Their lust for power
And greed, seek to
Control all for
Their own
“Floating Awareness” by
Jerry E Smith

“Backwash” by Jerry E Smith ©10/13/16

As you move forward and upward in life, be very careful that you
Don’t lose someone you love in the backwash of your flight.
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,
Only we are seldom aware of those backwash reactions
Until much later, when someone you love reveals the
Damage done. Perhaps it’s simply a vacuum of
Where you used to be in their life, or there
Was a real change you were responsible
For, but unaware of until it was too
Late. Just be careful, for it takes
Just a few moments to open
Profound wounds that can
Take years to heal, in
Those you love
The most

“Backwash” by
Jerry E Smith

“Roads” by Jerry E Smith ©10/11/16

Roads are curious things; they’re all the same.
In your mind, they appear to go somewhere,
Leading into night, or perhaps to fame,
Yet they don’t move , going nowhere at all.
You determine where a road will lead you;
After each step you are never the same.

This road seems to be leading to sundown,
If you turn around, it came from sunrise.
The reality of a road is this;
They lead you from the past to the future.
For good or bad, you are never static.
You live in a changing world; change with it.

“Roads” by
Jerry E Smith

“He is on your side” by Jerry E Smith ©10/11/16

When the night and its sorrows, follow you into the day,
When you find that you are hoping you will not live to
See the world after upcoming events, look around at
All the beauty, look at your life for the blessings you
Have. Realize that the sun will rise no matter who
Wins the election, understand that God, doesn’t
Matter how you view him or not, understand
That He still loves you, and He loves all of us.
When you have this knowledge in mind, &
When you have this love in your heart, it
Becomes problematic to remain down in
The dumps. You must hold on to the
Hope that this gives you, have Faith
That it will all be well, will turn out
Just as it should. It may not go as
We would expect, and we may
Have to endure some distress,
But with Him in our hearts,
How can the world prevail
Against us? Have Faith
My friends, just hold
On and have Faith.
“He is on your side” by
Jerry E Smith

"What needs doing" by Jerry E Smith, ©10/14/16

It has been a long, eventful and expensive day, so I will be closing
Up shop early tonight. As usual, if I can't get to sleep quickly, I
May be back here and there, but hopefully this will be my
Goodnight. Be well my friends, treat each other well.
That is what all of our futures depend on; how
We treat each other. Give each other the
Respect you deserve for yourself.
In that way, will improve our
World. Every day. It is
What needs doing,
Every single day.
Jerry E Smith


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I play piano and sing for the Elderly in care facilities in Atlanta for 8 yrs. I am also a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) I work for a home care agency now, as a patient transport.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
18th Oct 2016 (#)

Very beautiful!

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author avatar Jongleur
22nd Oct 2016 (#)

Thank you Delicia, I appreciate it very much

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
21st Oct 2016 (#)

Yes , wonderful words Jongleur..

Many blessings to you

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author avatar Jongleur
22nd Oct 2016 (#)

Thank you Ms. Mitchell, I appreciate it very much, as always.

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