A promise is a promise.

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The third part in a fairy tale saga about a promise made.

The joy of Julia's return

The days became weeks, the weeks months and still Julia did not return to visit her friend Damian. She was dancing, riding, laughing with so many new friends. Somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered if Damian was happy or missed her. She knew that she had promised to return but she was so very, very busy, so many new things to do and see. She had so many parties, so many friends and so much going on. She was a typical teenage girl, living fully in each moment. She had missed so much that she was filling every moment of every day with activities.
Her parents didn’t push her to fulfill her promise to Damian because they were a little afraid of losing her again and were just thrilled to see her everyday.

The journey to see Damian

One night Julia had a very strange dream, she dreamt that she heard someone sobbing and a great wave of sadness almost overwhelmed her. She knew that Damian was weeping for her and knew it was time to return. She called out to him over the distance that she was coming.
The next morning Julia spoke to her parents and explained that she had promised to return to visit her friend Damian and a promise is a promise. That day Julia and her parents and many of her friends prepared for their journey to the cavern within the mountain. Starlight was very happy because she too loved their friend Damian.
They carried blankets, little puff pastries with fresh berries and cream, cookies sweet with chocolate chips and nuts, sweet drinks of nectar, and all kinds of fruits that did not grow in the cavern, a feast for her friend. Julia knew Damian would love these things. Julia led the procession up through the forests and towards the mountain. Julia saw the giant, very old oak tree and pushed aside the branches.
Her party dismounted and walked single file through the opening. Everyone sighed with awe when they saw this wondrous place, this cavern within the mountain. They were overwhelmed by its beauty.

Damian's Joy

Julia looked about her for Damian. She went to their favourite spot by the stream and she found Damian still napping with tears of sadness still upon his beloved green face. Julia’s friends and family watched, repulsed by his looks but humbled by the way Julia bent over him and gently kissed his forehead. They saw the love and caring with which she looked upon this hideous troll creature. They also knew that for someone like him to be loved so well by Julia, he too must be a very special creature. They therefore decided then and there that they would love and accept him into their lives.
Damian was so exhausted by his weeping the night before that he did not hear the large party of people that by this point surrounded him. He woke with a start to see so many human faces looking at him. He saw the royal couple smile at him, and he saw the others also smile. He automatically smiled back because he knew every thing was going to be all right and that no one was going to hurt him.
At that moment he saw her, his Julia. She was standing behind his left arm. He shouted her name - “JULIA!” He leapt for joy and swung her madly in his arms. The King and Queen looked at each other, nodded and laughed at seeing their beautiful daughter so happy.
That day there was much joy in the cavern. Julia and her friends, including Damian swam and ran, chasing each other - pure joy upon their smiling faces. Julia’s parents and the older members of the party talked quietly enjoying the scenery and the laughter of the young people having fun.
That day was the first of many spent visiting the cavern and the return visits to the castle, whereby a Troll and his human friends got to spend time together. Accepting their differences and just being friends.


Acceptance, Cavern, Laughter, Prejudice, Promises, Teenage, Trolls

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author avatar Songbird B
28th May 2013 (#)

What a great story Georgia, and like most stories there is a lesson within too, about not judging others before you get to know them..Acceptance is a wonderful gift..\0/x

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author avatar Mystic Maid
28th May 2013 (#)

You got it! Thanks for your kind words.

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