A 'race card' up his sleeve

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What can happen when people pull 'race cards' out of their sleeve.

Lost a friend over this

I'm kinda upset right now. Just decided to 'unfriend' a friend on facebook, and in real life because of a conversation we had regarding our differing opinions on whether or not race played a part in the Trayvon Martin shooting. I'd copy and paste the feed, but he deleted my comments after I said; 'Now I have a white man telling me, "Every black man in America has a target on his back due to the injustice done to Trayvon Martin." That was a quote. He called me 'white logic', delusional and a couple of other names.

A race card up his sleeve

Now, keep in mind that my 'unfriend' is nearly 80 years old and gay. He lives in Mexico. He certainly has way more experience with race issues than I naturally would, being 56. We lived through different eras. I've not had to deal with anyone pulling the 'gay card'. He said, 'We can agree to disagree', but then tried to humiliate me for my comments, which were along the line of; "I watched the trial and heard the one juror. Race was never even brought up. Zimmerman was there as a neighborhood watchman, watching for people who might be out of place in his neighborhood. A black guy in a hoody, a Mexican in a sombrero, a white guy in a cowboy hat, a yellow guy in a ninja suit... all might have fallen into the category of 'suspicious'.

My deduction

The problems started when Zimmerman didn't heed the words of the dispatcher when he was told, 'We don't need you to do that.' in regards to following the suspicious person. If he would have stayed 'put' (and I bet he wishes he had), the problem would not have occurred, let alone escalated to a shooting. Having heard the trial, or most of it, I conclude that race did not play a part in Zimmerman's decision to phone the police or pursue the stranger in the neighborhood. If he had not pursued, there would have been an interview by police, not this sad ending to a young man's life which has led to all this racial strife and the unfriending of a pretty cool guy in most aspects on facebook.


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