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Its a short story fantasizing something that is not present.

The Pleasant Strangeness

It’s been a week since they’ve been dating and it was Saturday night as Edward has asked her out for dinner. A Porsche parked in front of the gate and the side window slid down slowly. There he was, as Edward put his left arm on the sill and pressed the horn to call out to his girl friend, Katie. She came out with a smile, wearing a bright red dress with high heels in black. She beautifully walked down the pathway, with short trimmed grasses on both sides, to the car and got in. Edward used to love the way she walked as it was so eccentric and exquisite.
“I thought you mentioned to pick me up at 8’o clock?” asked Katie in a curious tone with her eye brows so high. “I thought I could come a half hour earlier” replied Edward with a pleasing smile. As the engine started, the street lights went out all of a sudden for a second and the wind blew faster!!! Katie exclaimed,” What are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Edward drove to the restaurant and stopped the car in the parking lot. He went around and opened the door for her and they both went in. They sat at table 13 that Edward had reserved for them. He pulled the chair for Katie, made her feel comfortable and then he seated himself in front of her. The waiter came and asked for the order. Edward let Katie to order first. She looked at the menu and told the waiter, “A Three Bean Turkey Chili, one Crispy Calamari and a Mikro Greek salad.” The waiter turned towards Edward,” I'll have the same and for desert we could have Peach Cobbler Ice Cream Sundae.” he said. The waiter took their order and went.
The clocked ticked, it was 8’o clock. The ambiance was so relaxing and romance was in the air along with the violin played by the musician at the restaurant. “You look so gorgeous” saying so; Edward touched her hand and felt the smoothness of her skin. She stared deep into his eyes and as she was about to tell him something, suddenly he broke the ambiance and said ”Hey umm……….I’ll be back in a minute, if you’ll excuse me!” She gave a puff….”hmmm..okay!” Edward was gone for some time and all of a sudden she could hear her cell phone ringing inside her golden black purse. She took it out and to her surprise the call was from Edward. She could feel the lights of the restaurant to go dim and everything felt so silent for a moment. She returned the call and said, “hello?” “Hey baby, its Edward. Where you’ve been? I’m waiting right outside your house for more than ten minutes.”


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I like writing about things that are to be expressed in a passionate way to leave a mark in the reader's mind.

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author avatar wisenut
7th Jun 2013 (#)

That was scary.Not too much but was eerie.

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author avatar Akash Angs
7th Jun 2013 (#)

Thanks dude:):)

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