A smooth language processor: how language can enhance sophisticated, highly pleasurable sextech toys

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Sextech is an area of technological development that can allow us to use artificial intelligence intelligently. Increasingly, we see the need for a sex positive dialogue in our society, and through recognising our long history with erotic language, and combining it with this emerging technology, we can do just that.

Language and pleasure

I want to get right into it. One of the most attractive traits of any sexual partner or lover - use whatever term here that you like - is the ability to give pleasure without using their hands or taking any clothes off, without sending any photos or touching your body (or theirs). Instead, they use their tongue.

Without any physical stimulant, it’s possible to be taken to a physically stimulating place with just language as your guide. Yes, there are a number of articles and bodies of research that explore the relationship between our brains and taboo language. Yes, when we use erotically charged language we stimulate the release of dopamine. Yes, dopamine is pleasure. Yes, dopamine motivates our most lustful transgressive behaviours. Yes, erotic language can leave us gasping for air. Yes, we like it. Yes, for the sheer, adulterated sake of yes.

Erotica and us

The earliest known depiction of erotica (depending on how one defines erotic in the first place) is said to be the Turin Erotic Papyrus, over 3,000 years old, depicting sexual imagery that would have a five-star difficulty rating by the standards of the Kama Sutra, written over 600 years later. The Kama Sutra isn’t just about sex positions; it’s a love manual, with a philosophy that has earned it immortality in the chapters of the worlds sexual history.

The Greeks and the Romans played with erotic verse in their poetry, with one poet, Archilochus, writing these lines:

“Her breasts and her dark hair

were perfume, and even an old man would love her.”

(Source and translation: Brief Poems)

As Western societies underwent sexually stifling periods of frigid norms and attitudes, and literary censorship deemed some words arranged in certain ways according to no obvious criteria obscene, and books about sex and abortions were banned, erotic literature continued to be written, read, and enjoyed. Even during the Victoria era, where traditionally we hear that women were hysterical from lack of orgasms, information about sex and pleasure was available.

I would love to explore this history to a greater depth, but we need to fast forward to the post internet world, and particularly to the present day.

Mechanical love

Over the past few years, there has been a surge in the interest shown in artificial intelligence and its applications. You have programmes that can give you legal advice, order your pizza, and predict earthquakes. I came across one platform, SnatchBot, earlier this year and I was amazed at how easy it was for me to make a chatbot with no coding on my part. It’s clear that we've been having an affair with chatbots for some time, and in the last few years it has brought us into a whole different world. It has motivated us to reconsider what it means to be a sexual being.

The future of sex is machine. The sextech industry has multi-billion-dollar potential, and it is an area where women are visible in positions of leadership. I speak about one of the pioneering women behind the sextech industry, Cindy Gallop, in another article. More than a fetish, the fusion of our desire for physical stimulation with robotic technology is a serious endeavour to expand both our sexual horizons and how we understand sexual pleasure. And very likely to also generate vast sums of revenue – but that’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

HUM is the world’s first artificially intelligent vibrator, released into the world in 2015. According to the team behind this device, HUM learns what you like as you play. They describe it on their website:

“The vibrator, redesigned by physicists. Sleek, minimal, intuitive. This is your gal. This is your little dude. Arduino hackable. An orgasm graph for every woman. The future of sex research. This is HUM’’.

This vibrator is a sexual fantasy that you can hold in your hands. As we know by now, one path to an orgasm is not enough. I love that HUM is a thing, but what if we were to add the stimulating, dopamine producing erotica that has been part of how we have been experiencing pleasure long before 50 Shades of anything came into the world?

The fantasy: a toy that speaks to me

To put it very simply, I would like to speak to HUM, and I would like HUM to speak to me. In a similar way to how we can speak to our phones or tablets, to ask Siri a question, a back and forth between this AI gadget and its user is the next step in the vibrator revolution.

The whole point of sextech is to disrupt the sexual status quo, to change how we perceive sex and pleasure, and to hopefully cultivate a more healthy, balanced and inclusive sex industry. That’s what MakeLoveNotPorn is doing. MLNP allows everyone to be part of how we enjoy sex on our screens. It's doing away with the cliches that make porn unrealistic and limited to certain kinds of sex, with certain kinds of people, orgasming in certain kinds of ways. HUM is doing that as well. A lot of vibrators come with a certain feminine look, with bunny ears – that certainly serve a purpose, but they don’t have to be bunny – and a pink or purple finish. HUM doesn’t look like the others, and it doesn’t have to sound like the others either.

True to sextech ethos, an AI vibrator with an aesthetic that caters to everybody and not just women, that can also speak and learn what language makes you excited, could make sexual fantasy more accessible to the people that dream about it. If you took the idea of having a personal assistant on your phone, telling you your agenda for the day, and gave it the greater purpose of figuring out how to make you a more sexually fulfilled individual, I believe you may have finally found the spot that matters.

Using the same premise behind the chatbots that are on their way to becoming ubiquitous on our phones and in customer service, and notably in sexual encounters in gaming, the vibrator will respond to you when you choose to begin the interaction. If you do not want to be spoken to while you use the device, then you don’t have to activate this feature – the control over your sexual experience always belongs to you. I would imagine the dialogue beginning and progressing along these lines, as just one of many possible scenarios:

User: Eli, are you there? I want you to talk to me.

Eli: I'm here. I was thinking about you. Tell me, what are you in the mood for?

User: I feel like I need discipline, let me submit to you.

Eli: Good. Now, you need to do exactly as you’re told. Do you understand?

Bots such as Alexa require you to say their name before each command. While that is a good way to let the bot know it needs to be activated, it doesn’t make for realistic playtime in this context. Once the bot is awake, it will ask you what you are in the mood for. From there, with repeated use, it will learn what language stimulates you the most. It will learn the movements that you enjoy. That is why this feature would have such great synergy with HUM and the personalised graphs it provides for each user. The possibilities are as endless as our imaginations, and sextech devices can help us develop our innovative ideas to greater heights. For every language there is in the world, there can be a personalised sextech experience. The sextech industry is not something that is going to be coy and shy on a few sex blogs and entrepreneur websites. It is demanding our attention, and now is the time to listen.

Sex positive technology

Not everybody is an extrovert in the bedroom, and not everybody feels comfortable using erotic language in front of another human, or even their partner. An intelligent vibrator that tells you it likes the noises you make, and responds to your own individual movements, can make sexual fantasies more accessible to those that want them. It can also remind us that the sexiest thing in the world doesn’t have to look like a lifeless female figure with large breasts and an open mouth. Language is beautiful, accessible, and rewarding. Regardless of what you think about being dominated by a suave 6-inch robot, bringing language into the equation could mean a more sex positive industry in the future. And it could help cultivate a healthier dialogue about sex in our own lives.


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very long shall read but I am happy another sexy person like me writes in prose as sex in poetry I dispose the sculptures speak out boldly sex is life only

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