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One of the strangest things I can remember being told is that someone did not like music. How can you not like music?

Thank you very much, I'm here all week.

Watching the juggernaut that is the X Factor and glimpsing sporadically its competition on the BBC, Strictly Come Dancing, it struck me how intrinsic music is to life. As I type this I am listening to Adele. Generally, whenever I travel, I wear an iPod, filled with thousands of tunes - I have a eighty gigabyte classic - and feel a little bit lost when I go out without it, forced as I am to hear the world around me.
When I was younger and working in retail, I remember talking to one of my work colleagues about her husband. She said that he did not like music. No kind of music? I asked. She said no. I was flabbergasted. This incident happened over fifteen years ago, yet it still amazes me to this day. Who does not like music?
I can understand not enjoying all music. Some people cannot stand popular music, others hate country. My better half does not enjoy the sensual beats of salsa, they leave her totally underwhelmed. I am not a fan of punk or euro beats. That is normal. Even if your musical taste does not marry with another's, you probably would not expect them to not like any music at all. Does not everybody like to sing? I don't mean like a popstar or crooner. Just sing in the shower or bath, even absentmindedly, as they go about some chore.
It is one of the most natural forms of expression. One of my present work colleagues regularly hums and mumbles along to any tune that comes on the radio. He never, ever knows the words to the tune being played - I'm not even sure he always knows the tune! - but that the beauty of it. It is just freedom of expression, it's why karaoke is so popular, why concerts sellout, why people go to the concerts and sing themselves hoarse. It is a release that involves no alcohol, or drugs, or even company - though every happy experience is best shared - whether you can sing or not, whether you only ever listen to pan pipes or folk songs, the sheer joy of it makes it worth it. How can anybody, with optimal hearing, not like music?


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