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This is a short story about friendship and how Ratty the rat shares his birthday!

Ratty's Birthday

Ratty scrambled around the garbage bin, snuffling he found an old apple, Pushing deeper with his nose he was finally able to grab it's stem and drag it out.He then tossed it into the air and then caught it in his mouth. After taking a huge bite he sighed a hug "Aaahh!" He was very happy today! It was his birthday!

It had not rained for a while so the garbage was nice and dry so he allowed himself to leap right into the middle of it. He tossed and kicked a few pieces of old paper around. "Wheeee!" he screeched with delight, and started to sing "Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday toooo meeeeee!" Suddenly he heard a voice.
"Hey what's all the rucus about? Can't I eat in peace?" It was Horace the raccoon.
"Horace! Horace! How are you?" Squealed Ratty with even more delight! "It's my Birthday today!"
"Hmmmph" replied Horace, munching on an old piece of bread, who cares about birthdays." Ratty looked at him with utter amazement. "You don't care about birthdays? How come?"
Horace stopped munching on his food, contemplated this and answered, "I guess I've never had a birthday before".
"What? What? What? No birthday! NO birthday! How come?" Horace stopped eating again, taking his time. "I don't know when my birthday is." He then continued eating.
"That's terrible...terrible...you poor thing.!" Horace just shrugged and then shuffled under some garbage to see what else was there. Ratty remained silent. He was in deep thought, and then a smile lit up his face; "I know! I've got it! Horace why don't you have today as your birthday - we could share today. I'll share my birthday with you! What d'ya say!" He beamed at Horace, waiting for his response! Horace thought for a moment.
"Well I guess...but what do I have to do on my Birthday? Is it hard to have a Birthday?"
"Are you kidding me! It's the best day ever. It's a special day just for you!"
"What do you do to make it special?"
"Well you get presents given to you - sometimes, and your friends wish you a Happy Birthday!
“Happy Birthday Horace!”
“Mmmph! I guess” mumbled Horace. Ratty smiled, and suddenly leapt on a old piece of pie he had spied.
“Horace…look…apple pie…just for us!” Horace stopped munching on his old stale bread, tossed it aside and headed over to Ratty.
“Apple pie! I love apple pie” said Horace and then he smiled. “I think I like this birthday thing!” Ratty laughed and then started to scramble around and forage for other foods. Then he found something, and a twinkled smile lit up his face. He grabbed it, hid it behind his back and shuffled over to Horace and stood in front of him. The old racoon looked at him quizzically. What was behind his back? Finally beaming Ratty held out his hand and showed him the object in his palm.
“Happy Birthday Horace!” Horace looked and smiled emphatically. “Ratty! Ratty! Ratty! You are the best!” There in Ratty’s hand was Horace’s favourite treat. It was a big, puffy, white marshmallow. He grabbed it, then shoved it in his mouth and between large gulps said
“Happy Birthday Ratty!”


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