A tale with no fairies (part one)

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This is a tale of princes and princesses, betrayal and a faked monarchy.

A tale with no fairies (part one)

One will think that a tale with no fairies isn´t a good one, but this one has most of its ingredients to make it one: a young prince that swore to be loyal to the main principles, a young princess who, being fed up with being in exile, had, at long last, found a prince to give her a crown and a good living. Back were going to be the sad days when she and her family had been thrown out of her original kingdom.
This tale may begin at any stage. However, I´ve chosen to start up when....
It was July and, therefore, it was a hot Summer. All had been set for this young prince to swear loyalty to the main principles of the Movement (1).
He´d be king on one day by the Grace of God, but better say, because the saviour wanted him to be.
The bold young prince, dressed in an immaculate, white uniform of the Marine Army, placed his hand on the Bible (or was it these main principles?) and started his swearing.
One wanders if this young prince´s father was watching this historic event from his Portuguese villa. He might or he might not have been in front of a black and white TV screen, but if he´d been watching it, he had surely done it in a mood.
This man was the true heir to the kingdom throne, if they were going to follow on the line of succesion, However, the reigning saviour of the time didn´t like him and the two men weren´t in good terms. Thus, the saviour grabbed the young prince from his family, brought him into the land that after his death would be a kingdom again, gave him an education accordingly with his principles till finally reach on the day when he´d swear to be loyal to take over from him after the saviour´s death as king.
However, he was not going to be Prince Of Asturias as it had always been legal for all the heirs to the throne since old times, because the true Prince of Asturias was his father on his own right and he was not dead yet. Therefore, the young prince couldn´t hold on such as a royal titile. But again and by the Grace of God, or better say by the Grace of the saviour, the young prince would hold the title of Prince of Spain till he had a chance to be king after the saviour´s death.
His young wife had at long last achieved to find a prince and a kingdom and her gloomy days under English rain and fog had ended.
The young prince, being already Prince of Spain, and his father didn´t speak to each other and were in bad terms for many years.
´´You can´t be prince or king of Spain!´´ One presumes that the old man must have told his son.
´´Why not?´´
´´Because my father was the king even though he´d been kicked off to exile!´´
This may not be the exact dialogue they had, but surely they had talked long about who had been the king of Spain till 1931 and who was the real heir to the throne if, on one day, he was going to return from exile to be king.
However, he never returned and he died in exile, although, he had assumed the fact that his son would be king of Spain by the Grace of God and the saviour´s disposal. Meanwhile and until he could be king, he was going to hold a faked title in Spanish Monarchy such as Prince of Spain.
To be continued with other events in this chosen young prince´s life by the Grace of Good or the saviour.
(1) Franco´s only party here named as the saviour.

(C) Copyright. Vicky Pino. June 3rd., 2014.
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